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AIM aims to bring together the independent artists from various forms of arts under one roof and network.  It Re-Create opportunities to showcase quality independent and upcoming talent.   It also offers buyer-seller communities, a direct B2B platform to Re-Connect and an amazing platform for networking.  At AIM you discover new independent acts and upcoming talents across 22+ categories of performing arts, all on one Re-Curated stagecraft!

AIM Meetups,  that are held monthly; are networking event opportunities for artist and industry folks alike. These events are of high interest to the media world; such as the likes of Business World and BW Applause. AIM helps in Re-Curating insightful and meaningful engagements within the industry of artists, event organizers and planners.

AIM will engage focused communities and groups of artists, performers and live entertainers, alongside  agencies from event organisers, wedding planners, talent agencies, audio visual, film production studios, M.I.C.E. agencies, venues such as malls, hotels, banquets, caterers, etc. The AIM Meetups will be hosted with snacks, interactive engagements and live entertainment!

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