Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference(APAC16)@ Chennai on 6th to 8th October 2011

Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference(APAC16)@ Chennai on 6th to 8th October 2011


About The Event

Organize an Asia Pacific automotive engineering conference to:

  • Stimulate and foster exchange of scientific and technical knowledge
  • Promote automotive engineering development worldwide
  • Opportunity to network with worldwide automotive colleagues


The International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies (FISITA)


APAC members are FISITA member societies of countries in Asia and bordering the Pacific Ocean (Asia-Pacific). APAC membership is decided by consensus of APAC members.

APAC Committee members

  • KSAE (Korea)
  • SAE-A (Australasia)
  • SAE-C (China)
  • SAEINDIA (India)
  • IATO (Indonesia)
  • ISAE (Iran)
  • JSAE (Japan)
  • IAE (Sri Lanka)
  • TSAE (Thailand)
  • SAE Int’l (USA)
  • VSAE (Vietnam)

Event frequency

Held biennially (odd years)



Conference Development

Member hosting APAC 16 (SAEINDIA)

  • Organize the event within their country
  • Organize committees to support development of the event
  • Define theme of event
  • Organize and chair APAC committee meetings and record APAC minutes during planning phase of event
  • Define location and dates (see considerations)
  • Financial responsibility for conducting event
  • Define timeline for conference activities
  • Develop promotion materials
  • Publish conference proceedings (registered ISBN number)
  • Coordinate communication between APAC members during planning phase of event
  • Focal point with FISITA concerning APAC during planning phase of event
  • Maintain APAC flag and gavel (hand off to next host)
  • Provide a final report presentation to APAC members

Points Considered by SAEINDIA when hosting APAC 16

Selection of conference dates was taken into account

  • Major holidays of APAC members
  • Major FISITA events
  • Major APAC member events

Conference elements include

  • Hosting FISITA committee meetings prior to the conference so that committee members continue to stay and attend APAC 16
  • Welcome to the conference
  • Technical Sessions
  • Poster Session, if possible
  • Industry visit(s)
  • Optional tour(s)
  • Closing ceremony

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