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About The Event


If you have a compelling aspiration to significantly increase your sales and ready to start learning from someone who has been selling in the top 5% for world’s services leading companies, this is your chance to effectively increase sales.

23rd February might be the most important day of your business career! If you’re like most executives who wants more business and are facing three distinct challenges,  

1.   You are not getting great responses from your lead generation campaigns

2.   You are not converting leads to sales and significantly increase revenue

3.   Spending lot of time with people who do not buy from you

Then, this program is for you. You can fix these problems right now by learning Advanced Direct Marketing and accelerate your revenue targets.

1.   You will write compelling copyrighted sales letters, presentations, message that will make prospects call you, crave for your products and services. You will save a lakhs of rupees by using these technique alone and able to get far greater conversions than so called professional advertisement agencies. That’s money in your pocket, several times.

2.   Learn to identify prospects that will buy from you, invest quality time, and get the orders. Average person spend most of his time with people who will never buy from them. My technique will improve your efficiency 80-95% and get you more sales.

3.   You will learn how to ask for sale using seven (7) proven sales scripts that you can adopt and significantly increase your sales immediately.


You will learn:

     3 steps to identify & more importantly remove prospect’s reservation and how to make them ask for a sale

     How to overcome client objections before it is comes up and pleasantly surprise the buyer?

     Hidden reservation prospect will never tell you, but you can eliminate them methodically.

     How do you ask for the sale after presentation in competitive situations?

     How to demonstrate market leadership, make competitors distant second in the customers mind?

     Learn 5 techniques to increase envelope open rate, prospect to read your offer and make the call

     Where to find leads and yet significantly reduce your advertisement costs?

     How to create urgency in offers so that you can consistently hit your numbers?

     What to say in testimonials that can get you more business? When to ask?

     What is the best method to marketing to executives, high-end clients?

     An proven approach to see if you can get 80-95% closing  for a campaign.


These techniques are proven and effectively increase sales for you. Using these steps YOU WILL SEE AN INCREASE win more deals and bring more revenue.



Normally the program across Asia goes for $797 (Rs.40,000). We are offering this program at a deep discount for mere Rs.3500 for the entire program including material, lunch and coffee.



You will get complete course material, sample contracts, flyers, advertisements, sales letters, templates and everything else you need to increase your sale.



Call now at 044 24937338 or 9381145857 and block your seat(s), now!

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