9th VAS INDIA 2011

9th VAS INDIA 2011


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The Mobile VAS industry being expected to touch Rs 100,000 crores by 2020 from Rs 15,000 crore now – With the launch of 3G, Mobile Broadband Services & Rural VAS fuelling this growth, Content developers are burning the midnight oil to come up with better and newer concepts and services. With over 650 million mobile phone subscribers in India today & having the second largest subscriber base in the whole world coupled with Indian populace enjoying one of the lowest voice communication tariffs in the world


9th VAS India 2011 will offer a useful & powerful forum for your organisation to:

Examine what types of innovative service offerings are most appealing to Indian consumers.

Develop marketing strategies in order to incite the user to use advanced data services.

Develop innovative marketing tools for boosting the penetration of Mobile VAS usage in smaller cities and rural areas.

What is the untapped potential for mobile content and entertainment in India?

Mobile games - location tracking - mobile banking - mobile advertising - content security

Worldwide Trends in VAS & the implications for India.

The Role of Mobile Operators in delivering mobile content.

Future Models for mobile content commerce & distribution.

The Role of Aggregators, Labels & third party content providers.                                                                  

VAS as a tool for improving customer & brand loyalty.

What is the role of Network Equipment Vendors - who need to understand what features service providers need and tune themselves in the Indian Environment.

What is the role of Banks and VC'S for identifying and developing VAS providers with a sustainable business model?3G & Mobile Broadband as a tool for boosting Mobile VAS usage in India.

Expectations from Handset Manufacturers for introducing innovative Mobile VAS service offerings & helping in growing the industry.

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