Learn Public Speaking and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to achieve Financial Success in 90 days

Learn Public Speaking and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to achieve Financial Success in 90 days


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About The Event

I can have great ideas, skills and knowledge; they are of no good to me, my career or my organisation; if I can’t communicate them clearly, confidently, persuasively to convert my knowledge into earnings. It’s not what I communicate but how I communicate plays the major role in every relationship.

To convert my knowledge into earnings I should be emotionally sound. Emotion plays a vital role in our life. If I am doing what is right for me to achieve my financial goal in spite of all the emotional turmoil, I become emotionally intelligent. I realized if I am emotionally strong to persist and act towards my financial goal, I will achieve financial freedom in 90 days.

Anger is a negative emotion. It's the biggest obstacle towards my path of success and happiness in spite of having all the skills and knowledge.

Q. Last one month how many times did you get angry, let it be on any situation or person and the reason?

Q. Who got hurt most in the process? Whose BP went up?

Knowing and Doing are poles apart. We all are information overload in this information age. The program deals with Emotional Intelligence to cure back pain, headache, prevent heart attack & cure cancer, and get rid of anxiety, worries and depression by leading self to right direction and right action. Only your actions can give you the desired result. Its easy to worry than taking action. Therefore we need a right coach to head ourselves to right direction with right communication to self and others.

I am the result of my thoughts, actions and words I use in communication with self and others. Once my thoughts, action and words I use in my communication with self and others are aligned with my goal I achieve better result in my life.

THOUGHTS X KNOWLEDGE X Actions = RESULT (Positive thought, positive result; negative thought- negative result)

Somewhere in your life there is too much complexity. Too many targets to be accomplished, too much information to be processed and too many things to be done but too little time; and end up with frustration, stress and fatigue.

The program helps you to become powerful communicator, negotiator, decision maker, Public Speaker and a confident leader.

  • It enriches your interpersonal communication skills for personal & professional growth.

You will be able to manage your stress to lead a happy and balanced life. I Realized to convert my knowledge into earnings I should be emotionally sound. Emotion plays a vital role in our life. If I am doing what is right for me to achieve my financial goal in spite of all the emotional turmoil, I become emotionally intelligent.

Anger is a negative emotion. It's the biggest obstacle towards my path of success and happiness in spite of having all the skills and knowledge. 

90% people are suffering from psychosomatic illness due to suppressed emotions such as anxiety, fear, conflict, resentment and tension. Psycho mean 'mind' and 'soma' means 'body'. Research shows that chronic emotional tension causes symptoms such as headache, arthritis, hypertension including cancer, ulcers and insomnia.

Nearly all of us carry some degree of chronic tension, which rises and falls in the course of everyday life. Unexpressed emotion leads us to physical stiffness and fatigue resulting in headaches, neck aches, sore lower back, chronic fatigue, muscle ache, back pain and reduces flexibility.

I Realized if I want to be cured fully I must treat my body, mind and soul. Are you ready?

I realised developing effective communication is the vital stage in climbing the ladder of success. Wherever I go in this world, I don't carry my house or my car, I carry myself. Yet we invest so much in our car, house and business, but ignore investment in self. The first impression is created from the physical appearance such as dressing and second impression is from what I communicate, again it's not what I communicate but how I communicate is very important. Whatever comes out from my mouth can't be taken back. Therefore I must take utmost care while I am communicating to be an effective and successful communicator. I realized public speaking is a common source of stress for everyone, but the best way to develop oneself.

To practice public speaking & Leadership skills we have created a right environment & platform with podium, Stage and microphone for this special purpose to practice again & again till you become a confident effective public speaker and communicator.

So let's cut to the point… If you know, deep down inside that you need to make a major change in your life right now! Then now is the time to act. It's time to cut excuses, step up and take responsibility for yourself and your life… 

Timings 7pm - 9pmm (Monday to Friday) Sunday 10:30am -1:30pm. Registration: FREE


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