8th Indo Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines, Therapeutics  Healthcare (VTH-2015)

8th Indo Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines, Therapeutics Healthcare (VTH-2015)


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    Scientist, professors, asst. prof, doctors

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  • Research Scholars-Young Research Forum (Oral Presentation)

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  • Speakers

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  • Sponsor

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  • Students and Research Scholars (Poster Presentation)

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  • e-Poster

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  • Accommodation (3nights)

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  • Delegate

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  • Business Delegate

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About The Event

OMICS International proudly invites all the participants across the globe to its premier 8th Indo Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines Therapeutics & Healthcare (VTH-2015) going to be held during October 26-28, 2015 at HICC, Hyderabad India.

The Conference will also schedule and coordinate meetings with our Editorial Board Members and other experts across the world including Workshops and Symposium, Poster Presentation, Exhibition and B2B meetings with the aim to accelerate scientific discoveries through a collaborative network worldwide.

OMICS International  Vaccines 2015  Scientific Conference is sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur, France; GenPhar Inc., USA and Vaccinogen Inc., USA. With the support of Local Organizing Committee and International Organizing Committee more than 600 participants from all over the world.


Highlights of VTH-2015

  • Human vaccines - infectious diseases
  • Human vaccines - non-infectious diseases
  • Veterinary vaccines
  • Vaccine safety
  • Clinical studies and field trials
  • Immunology / animal models
  • Vectors / adjuvant / drug delivery
  •  Production / manufacturing
  • Regulatory / societal / economic / programmatic / legislation subjects
  • Accelerating the Development of Impeded Vaccines
  • Antimicrobials and latest innovations
  • Healthcare Personnel Vaccination Recommendations
  • Mother and child Healthcare
  • Therapeutics and Latest Innovations
  • Ongoing Mental Health Care

Experts outlook  in our previous conferences

Mahesh Mohan, Tulane University Health Science Center, USA

I enjoyed attending the vaccines business meeting and also had the opportunity to meet other researchers and learn about their research for future collaborations. The talks were informative and I had the opportunity to learn new information. Overall, I enjoyed the conference."

Martin D'Souza, Mercer University, USA

Many thanks as well for organizing this very focused meetings on vaccines 

 De-Chu Christopher, International Vaccine Institute, Korea

Many thanks for organizing this great forum for brain storms to occur nonstop

Donald E. Greydanus, Western Michigan University School of Medicine, USA

Thank you and I enjoyed the vaccines conference as well as the chance to meet with Dr. Gedela Babu to discuss various issues. I wish you continued success with your conferences!

Hyunah Lee, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Korea

It was my great pleasure attending and presenting my paper at the Vaccines-2012. I am sure that the conference was successful. And your hospitality left me with deep impression.


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