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General Rules:1.All the matches will happen in full size ground of 55*50 yards (30 yards inner circle)2.Only 12 teams can participate.3.All League Matches will be played 8 overs a side. Semi Finals & Final of the tournament will be 10 overs a si

7th Hit and Run Corporate Cricket Tournament -Hyderabad


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About The Event

General Rules:
1.All the matches will happen in full size ground of 55*50 yards (30 yards inner circle)
2.Only 12 teams can participate.
3.All League Matches will be played 8 overs a side. Semi Finals & Final of the tournament will be 10 overs a side.
4.Each team will have maximum 15 players (11 playing and 4 extras). Each match of the tournament will be played with 11 a side team. Team members once declared can’t be changed.
5.Players need to wear sportswear of their choice and each team can pick their own dress themes.
6.The matches would be played with Vicky Cricket Ball.
7. Players from different companies are not allowed to form a team.
8.Semi - Final & Final wil happen based on the pool.
9.Semi - Final & Final overs may be reduce due to weather and light condition.On that time umpire will take call along with team captains.
10.In case of rain or any unforeseen condition where tournament can not be completed on scheduled date, OyePlay will find another suitable day of any weekend and teams will have to come and complete the tournament. If on that day also we are unable to complete the tournament because of rain or any unforeseen condition then tournament will be cancelled. In any case money will not be refunded.
11.If any match is not completed because of day light problem or any other problem then match will be resumed next day from the point it was left previous day but ultimately it will be referee call depending on the situation.
12.If any team found to be playing with non corporate players or any players from different company, then it can be disqualified from the tournament at any point of time. Verification process of the non corporate player or different company player will be the sole right of OyePlay and no argument will be entertained. In such case if a team is disqualified then no refund will be made.
13.Registration can not be cancelled in any circumstances and money will not be refunded.
14.All Players must produce corporate Photo id at the Tournament.
15.The Player Must also have company Email ID which has to be given along with players details form for verification
16. 5th July is Last date for the registration.

Awards and Prizes:
1. Trophy will be given to the winner and runners-up team.
2. Gold and Silver medals for all the team members of winners and runner up team.
Bowling Rules and Powerplay:
1.League matches will be played 8 overs a side where as 3 bowlers can bowl 2 over maximum
2.Semi-finals and Final matches will be played 10 overs a side with a maximum of 2 overs to be bowled by a single bowler.
3.Power play
a.All League Matches, 2 overs are assigned as power play
b.The 1st over is the bowling power play.
c.The batting side can choose the 2nd power play over as any over between the overs 5-6.
d.For Semi Finals & Final, 3 overs are assigned as power play
e.The first 2 overs are the bowling power play
f.The batting side can choose their power play over as any over between overs 6-8.
4.All no balls to be awarded a free hit.
5.For every wide ball, there would be a re-ball and runs will be granted to the batting team.
6.For all the dead-balls, only a re-ball will be granted.
7.If there are any complaints against a bowler’s bowling action/chucking, the batsman facing the bowler in question has to report the incident to the umpire. If found guilty then the umpire will not allow the bowler to bowl further in that game.
8.Umpire can reduce the no of overs per side in any match if he finds that tournament can not be completed in stipulated time.

Batting Rules:
1.No L.B.W.
2.Byes are allowed.
3.Overthrows are applicable.
4.A help runner will not be provided when the player is tired (except for injuries/exceptional cases). The fielding captain will have to agree for such an exception and the umpire’s decision will be final.
5.If a bowler crosses the popping crease, the batting team is awarded a run and the next ball is liable for a free hit. Only run-outs are applicable for free hits.The bowling team cannot change the field settings if the same batsman is on strike.

Fielding Restrictions:
1.At any point of time, no more than 5 fielders can be set on the boundary, which means that other than the wicket-keeper and the bowler at least 4 more fielders have to be inside the inner circle.
2.During the powerplay, only 2 fielders can be outside the inner circle which means that 7 fielders must be inside the circle excluding the wicket-keeper and the bowler.
3.If the bowler is bowling from around the wicket then a maximum of 5 fielders (including bowler) can be placed on the leg side.

Team Rules:
1.Each team should constitute only 15 members (11 + 4 substitute).
2.A match will start if at least 8 players are available from a particular team.
3.All the teams should be present 15 minutes before the start of the play and report to the scorer’s table.
4.If a team is more than 15 minutes late for a particular match then a walkover will be given to the opponent.
5.The umpire’s decision would be final for the all technical issues.
6.If there are any disagreements on-ground then only the captains are allowed to discuss matters with the umpires.

Timings :
1.30 minutes will be given to the bowling team to complete their quota of 8 overs for League matches.
2.For Semi finals & Final 40 minutes will be given to the bowling team to complete their quota of 10 overs.
3.Innings break for all the matches would be 5 minutes. For final the innings break would be for 10 minutes.

Super Over Rules:
1.A Super Over also known as a one-over eliminator, will be used when two teams finish with the same score in a match.
2.At the end of a tied match and before the Super Over, each team will nominate three batsmen and a bowler. The team that scores the most runs in its Super Over is the winner of the match.
3.The team batting second in the match will bat first in the one-over eliminator.
4.If the teams have the same score after the completion of a Super Over then the team which hit the most number of sixes combined from its two innings in both the main match and the super over will be the winner.
5.If the number of sixes hit by both the teams is equal then the team whose batsmen scores the most number of fours in its two innings (main innings + super over) will be the match winner. In rare cases, if the boundaries are also equal then the team which has lost lesser number of wickets will be the match winner.
6.In case if the two teams (both teams) reporting to a match have less than 8 members, then a Super Over on similar lines above will be applicable.
7.If one team has less than 8 players then the other team will be declared as the winner.
8.The substitute from each team will accompany the scorer (from the organizing team).

Scoring :
Scorers are from the organizing team. The substitute team members will accompany them.

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