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About The Event

Hello wonderful members,


So this is quite a UNIQUE dance session. I am sure you are curios what this dance session is going to be about. Also, this session is OPEN TO EVERYONE, REGARDLESS YOU HAVE DANCED BEFORE OR NOT. YOU CAN BE A NON-DANCER TO ATTEND THIS SESSION. Here is your answer to your curiosity about what this session is about:


I am sure when we all think about dancing, we imagine dance to bring happiness to us in some or the other form. May be it helps you physically because it is an exercise, may be it helps you emotionally because it helps release stress, may be it helps you socially because you make new friends, may be it helps you become a confident person. There is no end to how dancing can benefit us and make us happy in different ways.


In this session we will explore dancing via 6 different games. In some games we may dance blind folded to restrict the sense of our vision. In some other games we may dance to sounds and the way we react to them. In some other games we will dance like kids. In some other games we may feel like we want to improvise and copy moves of someone else dancing around us. In some games dancing with make us laugh. As well in some dance games it will bring so much peace to your mind and body that you may think you just meditated during the dance. There will be a lot of solo technique, partner dancing and group dancing that we will do during the session. EVERYTHING WILL BE GUIDED. YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DANCE IN A PARTICULAR WAY. YOU WILL BE EXPLAINED WHAT TO DO DURING THE ENTIRE SESSION. IF YOU KNOW OF CERTAIN PARTNER DANCE STYLES LIKE SALSA, SWING DANCE, BACHATA ETC, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO USE THEM DURING CERTAIN EXERCISES. IF YOU DON'T, YOU WILL BE EXPLAINED HOW TO DANCE DURING THOSE EXERCISES WITH A PARTNER! 

If the above description doesn't make sense to you, then you should definitely come and experience it :P It is an experience of BLISS, words cannot define it completely.


After the 2.5 hour dance session, if you feel that you are not happy and content and there happens to be no positive change in the state of your mind, you are entitled a complete refund of your contribution, no questions asked! Happiness guaranteed!

Registration price is variable as always! Please register sooner for cheaper tickets! Price will keep increasing as people keep registering and we get closer to the event date.

You can bring your friends along as well, because this is a very unique dance experience that you will go through in this session! 

What to bring with you?

1) 1 handkerchief for blindfold dance or eye mask to go blindfold

2) 1 litre of water to drink

What to wear?

Ans:  Plain, comfortable clothing without buttons, hooks, zippers, belts (think track pants/ salwars/ slacks/plain cotton shorts and t-shirts/plain kurtas). Also, please avoid wearing belts, jewellery, especially around the neck, wrist and ankle, and also in your ears and nose (if possible). If you are wearing it while you come in, we will have to remove it during the dance. Small solid objects can be a safety hazard on the dance floor and cause injury to you and others. So, wear uncomplicated clothing for a safe experience!  Please DO NOT dress up in formal clothing for the dance. DO NOT dress up like you are going to a club or disco or a formal dance party. There is a changing room in the studio if you want to change!

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