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Are you the one who sees there are not enough opportunities in Life?
Are you facing challenges in achieving your dreams?
Have you made mistakes and experienced failures th

5X Your Life


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About The Event

 Are you in charge of your life?


Are you the one who sees there are not enough opportunities in Life?


Are you facing challenges in achieving your dreams?


Have you made mistakes and experienced failures that have set you back?


Are you looking for personal and professional growth?


Are you looking for new ideas to manage your work better?


Are you worried about the future of your business?


Do you feel that you are sometimes your own worst enemy?


Do you want to be a better professional?


Do you want to become a better leader?


Many of us have heard over the years that we use only a small part of our physical and mental powers. In fact, we may have heard it so often that we consider it a cliche.


Well, the reality is that it is true.


Various studies have shown that shown that we are capable of much, much more than we think.


Our mind and our body is capable of far more than we are doing right now.


Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time, was once asked, “How many push-ups do you do every day ?”. Ali answered, “Eight”. The reporter was surprised. “Just eight?” Ali said, “I do eight, after I reach the point that I believe that I cant do any more!”


The 5X philosophy is based on this simple concept. The reality is that we can improve our health, concentration, relationships, finances, emotional control, spiritual development and practically every aspect of our lives, by a factor of 5.


We are capable of far more than we have achieved so far.


The question is, “How?”


Over a two hour program, Subrat Padhi, an ardent student of the 5X philosophy, will share with you very simple tools and techniques that will help you take specific steps that will bring you closer to your dreams.

Subrat is an Executive Coach and an ardent student of the 5X philosophy. He has worked in the corporate world for over 24 years in various positions, including CXO for > 8 years. He has spoken at various seminars. He has formally and informally coached over 100 people. He seeks to learn all the time as he assists those he coaches to improve their lives in multiple ways.


He will share specific examples of how people :


Earned a million dollars in a year from practically nothing (and they did it without Bitcoin !)


Built a business from scratch


Increased the turnover of their business by 3 times in one year


Lost 40 kilos of weight and attained the health, fitness and body of their dreams


Learnt from making massive mistakes and never repeated them


Repaired their relationship with their Family


Found inner Peace


Managed their Stress


The important point here is that the opportunities before us are unlimited.


What lies before us is infinitely more that what lies behind us.


When you attend this Session, You will:


Discover the power of the 5X Philosophy


Learn the secret of achieving what you dream for


Learn how to set goals so that you achieve your dreams effortlessly


Discover Your Strengths so that you fulfill all your Dreams.


Use your mistakes and failures as stepping stones for personal growth


Get Clarity in decision making so that you feel empowered to achieve your dreams.


Enhance your Productivity by 5X so that you achieve more in less time.


Learn How to be Happier – 24X7


“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” – Robin Sharma


The past is for historians and accountants, the future is ours to create.


Join us on Wednesday, the 31st of January 2018 for our inaugural Inspired Talk


and take the first step on the journey to create the future of your dreams.


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