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\"5 Days to a Better Brain\" workshop - The Zing NLP Practitioner Certification Training Program


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About The Event

The program is all about how to gain power over your life, gain the admiration of other people and one of the most sought after certificates in the world! As you read on, think  about how it sounds and get a feel about how your life will change when you know how to...
·    Be more persuasive and influential
·    Recognise different thinking styles
·    Set clear goals and achieve them
·    Boost your confidence and that of others
·    Change unwanted habits
·    Manage stress, and free to choose your emotions, thoughts and behaviours
·    Be adaptable and learn easily
·    Be more successful in any area of your life and work that you choose

When you want any of the above then the "5 Days to a Better Brain" workshop based on ZING NLP Training is for you.
Hurry, only 20 seats, book yours now!! If you are already a NLP Practitioner, only 5 seats for refreshers.

NLP can be described as an attitude, a set of skills, techniques and empowering principles which combine to offer you the possibility of excellence in every area of your life. It sets out to discover how people learn, how people think, how people do things excellently and how to replicate success - and the difference that makes the difference.

Throughout the workshop, you will be introduced to and use Accelerated Learning technologies. NLP with Accelerated Learning technologies will enable you to unlock the full potential of your brain.

Using music, pictures, imagery, Brain Gym, and interactive activities you will discover and work with your preferred learning style.

Physiology: How your physical state enhances your ability to learn
Memory: How to maximise your ability to remember
State: How to access the learning state, the mind-set for success
Accelerated Reading: How to dramatically increase your reading speeds
Recall: How to use memory mapping techniques to aid recall


ZING provides both ANLP India CERTIFIED 5-day NLP PRACTITIONER programme and 12-day NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER programme.


Get ZING back in your Life!!!!!

The Club, Mumbai (Bombay) is the place to be on 24th June 2011.

For more details Contact :

Ruchi Srivastava

+91 916 709 2999

and 5% on the ticket sale to cover

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