4th National India Road Safety Conference, 	 29 to 30 June 2011, New Delhi, India

4th National India Road Safety Conference, 29 to 30 June 2011, New Delhi, India


About The Event

The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution proclaiming a Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, which aims to save lives by halting the increasing trends in road traffic deaths and injuries world-wide. India has the highest annual road death toll, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). More than 130,000 people die each year across the country in crashes caused by speeding, bad roads, overcrowding and poor vehicle maintenance and a million get maimed. This amounts to nearly 3% GDP loss.

In India, road safety has finally found its way to the Parliament. The National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board Bill, 2010 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on May 2010 by the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Shri Kamal Nath. Referred to the Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture, this bill is founded on the report of a committee on road safety and traffic management, which was set up under the chairmanship of Mr. Sanjivi Sundar, Distinguished Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Former Secretary, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India.

Mr. Sundar will be the Conference Chair of the 4th National India Roads Conference 2011.

About the conference

4th National India Roads Conference will include the elements in road safety that need to be considered from an infrastructure perspective, particularly:

  1. Technology of road surfaces: striking a balance between cost and safety, comparative analysis of bitumen and concrete from safety parameters
  2. Design, standards, maintenance contracts, auditing
  3. Legal and institutional framework for road safety

Conference Chair: Mr. Sanjivi Sundar

  • Chairman, Sundar Committee Report on Road Safety and Traffic Management, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India
  • Distinguished Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
  • Former Secretary, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India

Key subjects 

  1. Analysis of Sundar Committee Report and Road Safety Bill
  2. Strengthening physical infrastructure for road safety
  3. Minimum safety standards for design, construction and operation
  4. Building safety and efficiency through material, design and construction
  5. The implementation syndrome: Applying safety standards
  6. Road safety audits
  7. Cost-effective solutions in road safety implementation
  8. Business opportunities in road safety
  9. Role of education and training in building awareness
  10. Case studies in building safe road infrastructure

Key takeaways

  1. Understanding of Road Safety Bill 2010
  2. Updates on latest technology in road construction
  3. How toplines and bottomlines work in road safety
  4. Understanding of trends and current strategies
  5. What to expect in policy and regulation
  6. International benchmarks
  7. Business opportunities in road safety


Our conference is headed by a Conference Chair, an eminent personality connected with the policymaking sphere relating to the industry. The Chair, along with Session Chairs, leads and summarizes the conference’s key points, and makes recommendations to policymakers and the industry.

ASAPP Conferences believes that interactivity at conferences results in better spread of understanding ground issues as well as in involving our delegates in discussions in regards to operations, technology and policy. Such interactivity also helps in evolving critical issues and taking them further in the form of recommendations. Consequently, the conference is replete with panel discussions, often involving delegate participation, and exhaustive Q&A sessions.

A typical session opens with the Session Chair’s lengthy introduction to the session’s main subject. This is followed by related addresses by the panelists in that session, a panel discussion, and Q&A. The session concludes with a comprehensive summary by the Session Chair.

Our typical conference includes two coffee breaks and a lunch break during the day, allowing plenty of time for business and professional networking opportunities among attendees.


Who should attend

 Delegates for the 4th National India Roads Conference 2011 will include policymakers, stakeholders, managers, engineers and decision makers from:

  • Government agencies
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Road construction firms
  • Road contractors
  • Road development agencies
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Construction equipment providers
  • Road products and service providers
  • Project managers & consultants
  • International financial agencies
  • Engineers
  • Infrastructure development organisations
  • Land & quality surveyors
  • Technology providers
  • Road operators
  • Legal firms.

Speaker Profile

Our speakers comprise of Government officials, Policy Makers, Industry Leaders and Experts who will share their knowledge and experience through keynote addresses, presentations, panel discussions and case studies.

Our past speakers included the following names

  • Mr. A. S. Prabhakar, COO, Hindustan Colas
  • Mr. Cesare Saccani, MD, ICMQ India & Founding Member, Special Project of Infrastructure and Construction
  • Mr. Dharmesh M. Mashru, CEO, Gujarat Apollo Industries
  • Mr. J. L. Khushu, Whole Time Director, Era Infra Engineering
  • Mr. John David Stuart Macaskie, Country Director, Meinhardt Singapore
  • Mr. Manish Agarwal, Executive Director, KPMG
  • Mr. Masahiro Shirato, JICA Expert, Expressway Development (Policy Advisor), Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
  • Mr. N. K. Sinha, Chairman, International Roads Federation
  • Mr. Pushkar Kulkarni, CEO, Efkon India
  • Col. Rakesh Bhargava (Retd), Vice President, Elsamex  Group of Companies (India)
  • Mr. S. B. Nage, Chief Engineer, MSRDC
  • Mr. S. M. Sabnis, Chief Engineer, Maharashtra PWD, Maharashtra State Road  Development Corporation (MSRDC)
  • Mr. Satish Pendse, President, Highbar Technologies Limited, Hindustan Construction Co
  • Mr. Sudhir Hoshing, CEO (Roads Business), Reliance infrastructure
  • Mr. Suresh Srivastava, Sr. Vice President (Roads), Lanco Infratech
  • Col. Wajahat Kabir, Executive Vice President (Operations), Afcons Infrastructure
  • Mr. V. K. Menon, Sr. Vice President, IRB Infrastructure Developers

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