Book Online Tickets for 48 Hours Non Stop Drumming Blindfolded, Chennai. EVENT: 48 Hour\\\'s Non-Stop Drumming “Blindfolded” - A Record Show   for “Limca Books of Records” “Assist World Records”  “Tamilnadu Book of Records”  “India Book of Records”

48 Hours Non Stop Drumming Blindfolded


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About The Event

EVENT: 48 Hour's Non-Stop Drumming “Blindfolded” - A Record Show   for “Limca Books of Records” “Assist World Records”  “Tamilnadu Book of Records”  “India Book of Records” "Unique World Records" "Amazing World Records" "Everest World Records" "RHR India" etc…..

OBJECTIVE: To Encourage Visually Challenged People and to create awareness to the Public.


ABOUT Drummer:

B. Sridhar (Drummer Sridhar) from India (Tamil Nadu - Chennai) a professional Drummer for past 15 years;  He has started his career on 5/5/1998. He also have his own band “Sukkiravaari”. 

He also plays fusion drums with the following artists :“Valayapatti” Shri. S. Malarvannaan; “ Thirchur Brothers” ; D.A.Srinivas ; Bala Sai Flute ; Embar Kannan. He has also worked with many legends like of Shri. Abaswaram Ramji ; Shri. Y. Mahendran ; Shri. Thaiyanban ; Shri. Flute Naveen ; Shri. Gatam Karthi ; Shri. Keyboard Satyaa and many more..

He has also performed in many concerts through out the world in countries like Dubai, Sharjah, Bharain and many other Middle Eastern countries back in 2003.

In 2008, music Director Mr. Paul Jacob and Chennai Samgamam had conducted an India China Cultural Exchange Program in Shangai, Beiging and Nanjing. He has played drums for that program.

In 2010, He won the Airtel Champions League cricket conducted by youtube after winning the highest no of viewers for drums solo and traveled to South Africa.




Now I am going to play drum’s for 48 hour's continuously “48 hours-non Stop Drumming with Blindfolded”, for “LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS, Assist World Records”  “Tamilnadu Book of Records”  “India Book of Records” ect…..


We are planning to have 16 slots ; for each slot's, the show will be for 3 hours, which includes the orchestra.(Western Music, Light Music, Fusion, Instrumental and Drum Solo).


It’s a free Entry.


The event is scheduled for 11th, 12th and 13th of October 2013. This is going to be the first time ever attempt in the world and I am confident of my success. The feelers from the public seem to reciprocate this. 




We have invited the following guests for our show:

Mr. Abaswaram Ramji, Mr. Y. G. Mahendra ; Mr. Paul Jacob(Music Director) Mr. Satya (Music Director) ; Mr,Kannan (Music Director) Mr. Thaianban (Music Director) We Will Try Yuvan Shanker Raja & M.S.V Sir… Etc…… :)




Mr. Satyan ,  Mr. Ajesh ; Mr. Mukesh : Mr, Prassana and Mrs. Kalpana Raghavair  Mr. M.L.R Karthikeyan , Mr. Veeramani Raju


Note: Still many Music Director & play back singers are being approached to render their service for this event and the list will be updated eventually…. also Media Partner, Radio Partner & Print Partner …


FUTURE PLAN: “121 hour's Non-Stop Drumming for Guinness Record”.


The following are the record set by me:

1. 24 Hours Non-Stop Drumming on 7th & 8th January 2012, from 9:30 AM  to 11.15 AM the following day, at T.N. Rajarathnam Auditorium, Chennai.

2. 12 Hours Non-Stop DARBUKA Playing on 10th June 2012, from 9 AM to 9.45 PM. at Abirami Mall, Chennai

3. Tiruvalluvar image drawn inside 100 horlicks bottles.

4. 181 Images drawn inside a single bottle; images of Political Leader, Freedom Fighters, Actor, Cricketer etc. people inside a single bottle and have stunned the world. 

5. Paintings inside the EGG Shells, I have depicted Vinayakar, Mahatma Gandhi, TajMahal, Dr. Jayalalitha, Mr.Barack Obama and Dr. Abdul Kalam.


My Achievements have been recognized by the following institutions:

1. Limca Book of Records

2. Assist World Records

3. Asia Book of Records 

4. India Book of Records

5. Tamilnadu Book of Records

6. Unique World Records

7. Everest World Records

8. Amazing World Records



Title Sponsor Investment  :  3, 00,000  

Co-sponsors Investment   :   1, 00,000


Otherwise, Please Help Me by Contributing For This Event, Will Go to Great Success. Thank you so much.


Benefits of Title Sponsors.

1. Place Will Be Allotted For Stall

2. In the Back Drop, Center Place will be allotted only for you

3.  In All Posters & Banners your Brand Name & Logo Will Be Highlighted

4. During the Show (48 Hours) I will wear T-Shirt with Your Brand Name

5. This Show will be seen by the people throughout the world Via Live   Streaming.

6.  After the show I will mention your Brand name to all Press & Media.


For further details kindly contact 9381004817

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