420 Project presented by Ratatouille

420 Project presented by Ratatouille


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About The Event


420 Project presented by Ratatouille, is where 4 stand-up comics make you laugh for 20 mins each. With such funny comics on a Sunday evening what more can you ask for! Come and bring all your friends for this fun evening of constant laughter.

Sundays have never been better!

Date 13th November
Time 8:30pm
Tickets cost Rs 250
Venue: Jeff Goldberg Studio (1st floor) 133 Gazebo House, Above mamagoto, Hill Road, Bandra (w)

Host: Adhiraj Singh
Karan Chauhan
Azeem Banatwalla
Kirtarth Srinivasan
Sriraam Padmanabhan

Artist info:

Adhiraj Singh:
He writes, he directs, he sketches, he does comedy (kinda) and his hair is naturally spiky. Don't you just hate people who have it all?

And did we mention he is from Delhi?

Somewhere at the bottom of his long list of achievements is winning #ChaltaHaiComedy Open Mic - VI. His stand-up, when he does give it time, covers the latest movie reviews, the art of small talk and content writing for the RSS, all issues of national importance.

Oh, and did we mention he is funny too? So yeah, that's about it. Adhiraj Singh, ladies and gentlemen.

Karan Chauhan:
Indias first and only comedian-illusionist Karan Chauhan. In a unique combination of comedy, illusion and some very cool magic, Karan leaves his audience in wonder and in splits. Two-time winner of 'Medal of Merlin' for stage magic from the States, Karan is a veteran of many national and international events for top corporates and major brands. But there is nothing he like more than an interactive public show.

Azeem Banatwalla:
Azeem Banatwalla is an engineer who decided to show I.T. the finger in order to have some fun in life. He's a travel writer now, who loves embarking on exotic vacations and epic week-long road trips (like driving along Juhu Beach during Ganesh Visarjan). He believes that love is blind. Mostly because his girlfriend thinks he looks like Naseeruddin Shah. He is the proverbial jack of all trades, and master of puns.

Kirtarth Srinivasan:
Kritarth Srinivasan, 50% Tamilian, 50% Malayali. In other words, 100% confused. Being a defense brat and not having a hometown or a steady school, threw him into the worst identity crisis. He found his calling and love for stand-up comedy after a brief stint with engineering. His recent solo show got a sold out crowd and a standing ovation. Being one of the youngest comedians in India to put out a stand-up special, he is the next biggest thing in Bangalore comedy. His simple observational humor and his narrative style has captured audience all over the country.

Sriraam Padmanabhan:
Currently attempting his third sabbatical, his second graduation and his first coming of age, Sriraam Padnamaban often finds it difficult to distinguish between plain wisdom and outright BS. He has a thing for long sentences, short stories and English Breakfast Tea. Most of this is understandable when you consider that he was born and brought up in the Mecca of creativity, Chedda Nagar.
Sriraam pulls off the homeless guy look gracefully and his stand-up is known for erring on the side of wit. Ever the humble character, Siraam claims he does stand-up because he is too lazy to pursue anything else. The truth is he could easily cut it as a newsreader or an insurance salesman. But he refuses such work on principle.
4 things he likes the most in life are: 1. Incomplete Lists.

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