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4 Ps of Successful Leadership…
The 4P’s of Successful Leadership is the framework for self awareness & understanding yourself better across the four discrete paradigms, thus helps in building a

4 P\'s of Successful Leadership : Accelerate Your Impact as a Leader


  • 4 P\'s of Successful Leadership : Accelerate Your Impact as a Leader

    4 P\'s of Successful Leadership : Accelerate Your Impact as a Leader

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About The Event

4Ps of Successful Leadership


4 Ps of Successful Leadership…

The 4P’s of Successful Leadership is the framework for self awareness & understanding yourself better across the four discrete paradigms, thus helps in building a strong personal brand that is required in today’s competitive environment to achieve the exemplary results.

The 4Ps (Performance, Potential, Perception and Personality) play a significant role when we are working as an individual contribution or when working or managing teams, as each of the paradigms give important information about one’s whole persona. So what does each of them mean?

Performance: Performance is what you achieve as visible and measurable results when you work towards your identified goals

Potential: Potential is the behaviors or traits that can be built upon or will be displayed by you if given an opportunity. The most important factor about this paradigm is our ability to identify potential in an individual, and accordingly plan development for future growth

Perception: Perception is the view that gets formed about an individual through observations by various stakeholders in different situations and in different environments. Since perception includes professional, personal as well as social interactions; it ends up being a very important decision making factor in most instances and hence ensuring that people carry the right perception about you is very important

Personality: Personality is a collection of inherent traits. We know that most of these traits cannot be changed over a lifetime. However gaining an understanding of one’s own personality, particularly how different we are under stressful situations helps in managing our behavior and is the key to our positive interactions with others to build collaboration & engagement. In case of Personality, it’s said that Self Awareness is most important lever you have. It’s only through Self Awareness that you can manage your behavior and be cognizant of your behavioral blind spots.

A deeper understanding of all the 4 P’s and their inter dependencies helps us in leveraging them to the fullest and excel in all that we strive to attain.

 A successful leader needs to be aware of one’s 4 Ps and utilize the same to create their own leadership brand & drive success in life!

Right Management’s Two Day Workshop on “4 Ps of Self Leadership”


  1. Awareness of your 4 Ps-
    1. Performance – Understanding what is Performance, reflecting on your past performance to gain clarity on your performance related strengths and development needs
    2. Potential –Understanding what is Potential, Unleashing your own potential and how to tap the same for future growth
    3. Perception – Understanding what is Perception, seeing oneself through eyes of others using 360 degree feedback* and identifying your strengths and areas of development as perceived by key stakeholders in your personal and professional life
    4. Personality – Understanding what is Personality, Understanding the following about yourself:
      1. Your  personality traits,
      2. Your behavior under normal circumstances and your behavior under stressful situations,
      3. Your expectations from people around you and how different it is from what they think you expect – reasons for dissonance in expectations
      4. Your key leadership style and aspirations and,
      5. How to drive interpersonal effectiveness using the multiple behavioral traits
      6. Clarity on how the 4 Ps work together and yet differ from one another and hence make your strengths and you, unique
      7. Building your own Personal Brand that is unique and distinct by creating the right balance of 4Ps which you are confident to carry and successful in delivering
      8. Creating an action plan to nurture your personal brand

* will be given as pre-work to be completed prior to the workshop


  1. Birkman Leader profile to be completed: online tool will be sent to you prior to the workshop
  2. Go through the past Performance data of 2 years or more (from the current and /or previous organizations) and capture reflections in a template provided
  3. 3.    360 Degree evaluation to be completed by you and relevant stakeholders who you choose to seek feedback (preferably atleast one of the following stakeholder groups to provide feedback - superior, peers, subordinates, spouse/partner). An online form will be sent to you prior to the workshop

Why you should attend it?

  • To gain a better understanding of who you are – four dimensional view of yourself and understanding some of the reasons behind conflicts that you face
  • To gain awareness of one’s external image
  • To build a Personal Brand for oneself on the basis of 4Ps
  • To launch yourself more confidently and identify aspects about all the four paradigms to succeed
  • To foster Self Leadership by creating an individualized development plan


Who should attend?

Attend this workshop to identify own Leadership Brand and work accordingly to succeed as…

1) Leaders at senior levels, who are either looking at creating a brand that is distinct and helps them stand out and be viewed as someone who ‘Walks the Talk’

2) Leaders at middle management roles who are wanting to prepare themselves for the next big league and would like to build a personal brand for themselves to be in the reckoning

3) Entrepreneurs, Individual Contributors and others who want to take charge of their lives and careers and would like to do it on the back of their biggest asset – ‘Themselves’

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