4 Day Advance AstroVastu Course

4 Day Advance AstroVastu Course


About The Event

 Benefits of Joining 4 Day Advance AstroVastu Course

* Master A to Z Knowledge of Vastu Shastra (32 Entrances, 16 Directions, Five Elements and Remedies).

* Learn easiest methods of applying Astro Vastu Remedies designed by your Vastu Trainer Abhishek Goel.
* Learn How to identify 45 Energy Fields of Vastu Purush Mandal in a Building and treat them for fast Results.

* Master Techniques of Calculating & Treating Cut and Extended Portions in irregular shaped Buildings.

* Master Techniques of Commercial Vastu (How to apply Astro Vastu Combinations in Factories and Commercial Units).

* Practical Training on Layout Plans along with Horoscopes for Astro Vastu Analysis.

* Master Pendulum Dowsing and Find Negative Energies in a Building.

* Master Gemstone Recommendation for your clients.

* Do Practical Astro Vastu Working on Case Studies as well as your own Home Plans.

* Question Answer Sessions every day for resolving all your Queries.

Additional Benefits :

* One on One Personal Interaction with Abhishek Goel.

* Astro Vastu Working on your Home Plans.

* Lifetime Membership and After Course Support.

* Get Complete Course Kit for Site Visits.

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