3rd National Rural Development Summit At NASC Complex

3rd National Rural Development Summit At NASC Complex


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The Confederation of Indian Industry in partnership with Ministry of Panchayati Raj is holding the 3rd National Rural Development Summit on “Inclusive Innovations and Strengthening Livelihoods”.

India’s challenge and opportunity is to stimulate innovation amongst a population of over 1.15 billion, where approximately 37% are still below the poverty line, and where much of the workforce is employed in the informal sector. Stimulating “inclusive innovation” can generate valuable opportunities for innovators pyramid.

There is lot happening in the rural space as Corporates are designing new process and products, grassroot innovations are emerging to address local needs, CSOs are developing new ways to address local challenges. Most importantly many schemes are being introduced by the government to facilitate entitlements.

The 3rd National Rural Summit will serve as a means to strike collaborative partnerships with other organizations to tap into rural areas:

- Promoting awareness of the concept of inclusive innovation.

- Highlighting successes of inclusive innovation in various social sectors.

- Proposing methods for evaluating the impact of inclusive innovation.

- Examining the barriers to inclusive innovation.

- Suggesting strategies for fostering inclusive innovation and scaling up.

The Summit will comprise of a Conference and an exhibition. The Conference will highlight various aspects of innovation, ongoing issues , proposing methods and the success stories of organizations which have tapped into rural geography and markets, and are experiencing business sustainability and inclusive innovation growth. The Exhibition will showcase grassroot / rural innovations to project success stories, innovations in respective field and up-coming projects for facilitating interaction and knowledge sharing among participants from the public and private sectors and civil society organizations.

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