3rd Security India 2011 Conference @ Delhi on 7th July 2011

3rd Security India 2011 Conference @ Delhi on 7th July 2011


About The Event

In the wake of 26/11 attack, the first edition of the Security India 2009 conference was held at nation’s capital to highlight the Indian perspective in the evolution of global terror. The sessions highlighted the need for a holistic approach to prevent build up of insurgency in the country. The conference also addressed the inadequacies in India’s security arrangements and the dire need to safeguard our people, infrastructure and enablers of travel and tourism.

The 2nd Security India 2010 Conference promoted the focus on safeguarding our critical infrastructure and stressed on adoption physical security and surveillance measures for a preventive rather than reactive approach.

Today’s dynamic technological era is increasingly witnessing deployment and mix of physical , virtual, as well as, intelligence security influencing individuals, corporates, infrastructure and homeland.

In continuation of our efforts to facilitate building-up of homeland and institutional security, the 3rd Security India 2011 Conference will endeavour to spread awareness about business integration of different domain space of security and their adaptability on the Indian grounds. It will also focus on leveraging technology as an enabler for tighter surveillance that can preempt and prevent any kind of corporate security breach or is a threat to homeland security.

Delegate Profile:

  • Policy makers
  • Homeland agencies – Maritime + inland
  • Civilian policing agencies
  • Enablers of travel & tourism
  • Port authorities
  • Civil aviation authorities
  • Indian railways
  • Civilian transportation agencies and critical infrastructure installations
  • Suppliers – Vendors + Systems integrators
  • Security agencies
  • Detective agencies + Investigators
  • Institutional end-users: Corporates; Education; Entertainment
  • BFSI
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Realty
  • Retail
  • Sporting and entertainment complexes
  • Travel and tourism sites
  • Dignitaries from Embassies
  • Foreign Trade Associations and High Commissions
  • Domestic & international chambers of commerce and industry
  • Tourism boards & authorities
  • Transporters (Air, Sea, and Land)
  • Customs and Immigration officials
  • Utility Services and facilities
  • Amongst others


  • To create awareness of the merging role of physical and virtual security
  • To leverage technology enablers for national security     

Theme: Changing landscape of Security and Surveillance     

Session Topics:
1.Merging role of physical and e-security 

  • Understanding the difference and objective synergyGenesis and essence of attack : Communication
  • Transnational character of cyber attacks
  • Real–time information monitoring and data management
  • Malicious intrusion or unauthorized access

2.Impact of converging technologies on security 

  • Leveraging technology enablers for threat identification
  • Need for indigenous IT products to minimize probability of veiled threats
  • Intelligence information analytics
  • Authorization and access authentication

3.Panel discussion: How secure is your work place for ensuring business continuity? 

  • MetroHospitals
  • Real EstateBank / Stock Exchange
  • Delhi Police
  • Technology Provider: Wipro / HCL / IBM

4.Road ahead: Integrated approach for a secured eco-system 

  • Global case study for integration and deployment of effective response mechanism
  • Need to build-in security roadmap of end-to-end solution

Valuedictory: Summarization and recommendations

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