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3P Certification Program (WE-Sept-2014)


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About The Event

Nobody owes you a career. Your Career is Your Responsibility.”

                                                               -- Andy Groves, Chairman & President, Intel

Today whether you have a successful, struggling or failed career is about opportunities you have created, accepted or rejected, decisions you have made, plans you have created & actions you have taken.


But if you are not happy with what you have today, if you think you deserve more that what you are getting and if you believe you can do lot more that what you are doing now, then this opportunity is for you.


STRAINNO brings to you its uniquely designed, world class "3P Certification Program". This program is designed for people who are looking at a management career. The Program creates a perfect blend of knowledge and best practices in the areas of Project,Process & People management. The training introduces and explains various tools in these 3 areas which have been in use for decades by various teams at organizations like Toyota, Amazon, Bell Laboratories, Ford, Dell, Motorola, GE, Intel, Airbus, Intuit, Wipro,, IBM and many more. There practices have helped these organizations to stay ahead of competition and achieve leadership positions in their respective markets.


It is time for you to join this course and learn the tips and tricks of management and take your team, your organization and your career to a whole new level. Everybody wants promotion and hike, but not everyone is worth it. Everyone wishes for more money, but wishes don’t pay us, action does. So stop wishing and start acting. This is the chance you have been waiting for.


Why 3P Certification?


1. This is the first training ever to combine the power of 3 different trainings in 1


2. This comes at a price that is 1/5th of three trainings combined. e.g. individual trainings on project management, process improvement and people management can together cost upto 1,00,000/-


3. The content is carefully selected and prioritized. Rather than cluttering you with all the topics of project, process and people management, the course teaches you the concepts, best practices, tips & tricks, and tools & techniques in carefully selected topics in the above 3 disciplines, that have been used for decades by various teams across organizations & geographies, to repeatedly produce high quality, cost efficient, sustainable and value delivering solutions.


4. Current and future organizations are looking for employees who are good at multiple trades - e.g.

  • a developer who can do testing when needed,
  • a tester who can do some development when needed,
  • a tester who is good at both manual and automated testing
  • a Business Analyst who can act as a project manager or a project manager who knows the tips and tricks of business analysis, 
  • a project manager who is good at process improvement, or a project manager who is good at people management too.


This trend is just starting and with time will grow. If you are not ready to meet this futuristic demand you might soon fall behind in the industry.


5. Once completed the participants can use the takeaways  (certificate + learning) to a faster & better career growth. As seen in many cases this can also open up wider career opportunities and options for you. 




Candidates should have at least 6 years of work experience in various project roles.




The course is a 5 day classroom course spread over two weekends - 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th and 15th September 2014. First 2 days focus on project management methodologies like - PMBOK Guide 5th Edition, SCRUM (Agile project management) and Lean project management.


The second 2 days focus on process improvement methodologies like Lean and Six Sigma. And the last day of the training focuses on topics about people management and employee engagement. 


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Course Fee:


The course fee is 20,000/- INR per person. Call us to know more about group discounts and early bird discounts.


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