32 Forms Of Ganesha Homam

32 Forms Of Ganesha Homam


  • 32 Forms of Ganesha Homam

    32 Forms Of Ganesha Homam removes all problems in life and ensures wealth, peace and happiness. It fulfils all desires of devotees.

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About The Event

32 Forms of Ganesha Homam

Fulfill All Wishes, Get Rid of Evil Eyes, And Eliminate Sarpa Dosha

Scheduled Live On 27th June @ 6 AM IST

Vedicfolks is going to perform the 32 Forms of Ganesha Homam  on 27th June, 2017 to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

32 Forms of Ganesha Homam

It is well known that Lord Ganasha is remover of obstacles. He also gives knowledge and success in all fields to each and every one worshipping him with sincere devotion. This ritual removes all problems in life and ensures wealth, peace and happiness.

Why 32 Forms of Ganesha Homam is so Special ?

Lord Ganesha is loved and revered by all. He is so special that devotees perform pujas and other rituals in his name before the start of any major venture. There are 108 forms of Lord Ganesha of which 32 forms are so popular.

1. Bala Ganapathi -  He signifies fertility and abundance of the earth.

2. Siddhi Ganapathi -  He blesses his devotees with prosperity and mastery (siddhi)

 3. Ucchista Ganapathi - Appears blue colour, four armed, worshipped as tantric form and very powerful.

4.  Kshipra Ganapathi  -  He has red blue complexion, gives knowledge and fulfils all wishes.

 5. Vigna Ganapathi  -  He removes all obstacles and negative influence.

 6. Heramba Ganapathi  - He protects the weak and helps overcome fear.

 7. Maha Ganapathi  - He bestows his devotees with abundant prosperity and also removes obstacles.

 8. Lakshmi Ganapathi  - He blesses his devotees with wealth and wisdom.

 9. Varada Ganapathi  -  He helps them attain success in all ventures.

 10. Ekakshara Ganapathi  - He assists his devotees to control their mind.

 11. Tryakshara Ganapathi - one can attain self realisation.

 12. Haridra Ganapathi - This Golden Ganapathi appears calm and helps devotees fulfil their wishes.

 13. Ekadanta Ganapathi - Achieve success by worshipping this form of Ganapathi.

 14. Shakthi Ganapathi -  worshipped mostly in Tantric form.

 15. Vidya (Uddhanda) Ganapathi - Frees one from all bonds and chains of life.

16. Dvimukha Ganapathi - He removes obstacles in any form.

 17. Dvija Ganapathi - He blesses devotees with health and prosperity.

 18. Vijaya Ganapathi – He bestows success in all ventures.

 19. Kshipra Prasada Ganapathi – He bestows his fans with peace and prosperity.

 20. Yoga Ganapathi - He blesses his devotees with good health .

21. Sankatahara Ganapathi - He removes all hurdles .

22. Bhakthi Ganapathi -This is the main deity of Ganesh Chathurthi and blesses everyone with plenty of happiness and prosperity.

 23. Veera Ganapathi - Symbolises courage, peace and prosperity.

 24. Urdhva Ganapathi - He uplifts the devotees to great heights and finds solutions to all problems.

 25. Srishti Ganapathi - He removes obstacles and difficulties .

 26. Trimukha Ganapathi - He also bestows the devotees with success in life.

 27. Simha Ganapathi - A symbol of strength and courage.

 28. Taruna Ganapathi –To lead life without trouble or hurdles.

 29. Nritya Ganapathi – He gives success and aptitude to devotees

30. Dhundhi Ganapathi - He keeps for his beloved devotees.

 31. Durga Ganapathi - Bring success to an individual’s life

32. Rinamochana Ganapathi - This form helps people get rid of their negative Karma.

Benefits of 32 Forms Of Ganesha Homam

  • Removes all obstacles
  • Provides wisdom and knowledge
  • Gives wealth and abundance
  • Gives peace and happiness


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