Book Online Tickets for 30th SwitchWords Retreat Based on Blue I, NewDelhi.  30th SwitchWords Retreat Based on Blue Iris Curriculumby the Blue Iris Trainer Neera Sareen: Trained by Kat Millar, The Founder of SwitchWords (USA)SwitchWords Level 1 & 29th & 10th September, Saturday & SundayThe English &lsqu

30th SwitchWords Retreat Based on Blue Iris Curriculum


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About The Event

 30th SwitchWords Retreat Based on Blue Iris Curriculum
by the Blue Iris Trainer Neera Sareen: Trained by Kat Millar, The Founder of SwitchWords (USA)

SwitchWords Level 1 & 2
9th & 10th September, Saturday & Sunday

The English ‘Mantras’ to Create ‘Magic’ in your Life!!

Super Successful & Fulfilling SwitchWords level 1 Workshop....
Here now another one coming up. This time it's both the levels..

SwitchWords are a powerful practice combining Switch – words, Energy Circle, & Advance Gratitude. If followed properly each one of us can bring miracle in your own life, relationships, finance, job, career, love, family and business. SwitchWords is an essence of experience, condition, desired results, expressed as a single word. 

SwitchWord is one word ‘creative declaration’ a ‘one word affirmation and phrases. 
These are the powerful words and also includes phrases which connect directly to the sub conscious mind and thus have a larger significance than normal affirmation which address only through the conscious mind. A Healing & Remedial Modality…. A day of Intensive experience & learning - International Curriculum

"Would you like to bring a miraculous change in the domains of your Relationships, Finance, Job, Love-Life, Home, and Business?"

"Would you like to learn a methodology that initiates and completes a desired change directly through the Sub-Conscious Mind?"

Switchwords have that power to create that change as they connect directly to your subconscious mind and have the power to activate switches in the subconscious.

SwitchWords can communicate directly to our subconscious thereby clearing negative belief patterns and thus helping to create positivity to success.

These power words activate our abilities and thus we start manifesting success through subconscious in our relationships, business, career, finances, health, home life, getting protection and other issues in our life. “Switchword is one word Affirmation”.

You Will Learn:

Day 1: 

What are SwitchWords & their benefits
Switch Phrases & the difference from SwitchWords
The Master SwitchWords & Switch Phrases
Why & How do SwitchWords work
Creating & applying your own SwitchWords & Switch Phrases
Visualization & SwitchWords
Reflex Muscle Testing
Divine Codes
Frequency Numbers
Chakra Matrix & Healing with SwitchWords
Advance Gratitude
Energy Circles
Water Charging Techniques
Power Money Exercises
Money & Abundance Techniques
Doodling with EC
Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese Technique)
Helping Self & Client

Day 2: 

Coloured ECs and their meanings
Diffusing words
Zen tangling and mandala
Doodling Crystal with Energy Circles (ECs)
Crystal Vibration Healings
Yantras and Mantras
Personal Power Animal and their Relevance in our lives
Animal Wisdom
Energy Vials
Energy Cleansing Bracelets
Working with Healing Cards
Proxy Healing

Application and Benefits for The Participants: 

Manifesting goals and desires
Healing self and others
Transmuting negative in to positive energy
Reduce and/or transmute the effects of diseases
Making impossible things possible
Healing of mind, body, heart, and soul
De-Addictions now possible
Overcoming fears and obstacles
Creating success stories
Better Health and Weight Loss
Support Group created on ‘Whats App’ after the workshop

Takeaways: Manuals, Certificate, Manual, Set of Energy Circles (ECs)

Workshop Schedule:
9th & 10th September, Saturday & Sunday
10:00 am to 5.30 pm
Venue: AUM KARMA, Kailash Hills, South Delhi- 110065
Energy Exchange: Level 1 & 2 - Rs. 17k if taken together.
Early bird discount up to 5th September - Rs. 15k
Level 1 only – Rs. 9 k. Early bird discount till 5th September Rs. 8k.
Level 2 only - Rs. 9 k. Early bird discount till 5th September Rs. 8k.

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