Diabates Control in 30 days

Diabates Control in 30 days


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    Diabetes cure in 30days without medicine

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About The Event

Diabates Control in 30 days with Aloe Barbedensis Miller Gel, Neem Seed Oil Capsules, Cleansing of Mind & Meditation

And by Developing beliefs in self.

First session for 120 minutes and rest sessions are for 60 minutes. 

What is the main cause of illness?
The main cause of our illness is that our immune system goes down. And our immune system goes down for two main factors. One, if we don’t have the right amount of nutrients in the body like vitamins, protein, fat etc. The other factor is, if we are not emotionally balanced.

The people who are working in the corporate are having enough money to feed themselves. Therefore nutrient is not the main cause of disease but the emotions. The research shows that 90% of the patients admitted in the corporate hospitals are suffering from psychosomatic health disorders. The people who come to corporate hospitals are financially sound to feed themselves.
Immune system is the resistance power to fight disease. To understand about immune system, let’s assume that one of your colleagues is suffering from chicken pox and you all went to see him. Will all get affected with chicken pox? May be one or two persons! Why not all of you? Others have stronger immune system. 

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