30 Days Challenge  to upgrade  Skills and Income  to achieve financial freedom in 90 days

30 Days Challenge to upgrade Skills and Income to achieve financial freedom in 90 days


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About The Event

Are you ready to face  

30 Days Challenge

to upgrade

Skills & Income

to achieve financial freedom in 90 days?

When you invest time for CRICKETERs and FILM Stars, they make money. You invest time in your skills development you make the money.

This program will restablish belief in self to be a confident communicator, master Public Speaking and you will be able to sell your ideas to others very confidently.

If you can invest 40 hours for self in the next 30days, it will change your life for ever, thats the assurance from me.

Maximum intake is 10 persons only to give personalised attention everyone 

Weekday session Monday to Friday 7pm - 9pm

Or you can have weekend session on Saturday 3pm-7pm, Sunday 9:30am-1:30pm

Anyway 30 day will pass way, give your life another chance to change your life forever

to become become a better communicator, negotiator, decision maker and leader


The training programs are taken by the best Life Coach, Mentor, Author and the best Leadership Coach for last 12 years in Hyderabad Mr. Dipankar Biswas


For location in the google map, please type 'LMA Leadership Centre' You can call us on 9515733436

Mastering Public Speaking and Presentation Skills is an essential ingredient to progress in our professional life and to achieve leadership role. 

Public Speaking can be mastered by practice and practice. To practice public speaking & presentation skills we have created a right environment & platform for this special purpose to practice again & again till it becomes a satisfying experience for you.

It is essentially about performing at your best with support of a Life Coach who will challenge, stimulate and find the best strategies for achieving your Business, Health & Relationship goals. The truth is that you are information overload. What you need is a life coach who will help you to implement your ideas.


The 30 Days Challenge brings positive changes by:


  1. Aligning a person with their purpose;
  2. Consciously setting goals that are desired;
  3. Designing strategies to achieve those goals;
  4. Setting milestones to ensure the person is on track;
  5. Setting action steps;
  6. Uncovering what’s in the future to achieve that goal.
  7. Helping to keep the person motivated on their journey to success.


So let’s cut to the point. 
If you know, deep down inside that you need to make a major change in your life right now! Then now is the time to act.


It’s time to cut excuses, step up and take responsibility for yourself and your life…


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