3 Day User Experience Design  Prototyping Workshop

3 Day User Experience Design Prototyping Workshop


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    3 Day User Experience Design Prototyping Workshop

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For businesses today, User experience is an enabler of business strategy and not merely the front-end work of a technology deployment. Viewing UX as a holistic approach to designing the interactions between people and products/services is important. User Interfaces are all around us. It's no more just about the interface but interfaces that delight. User Experience drives delight. So, what does it take to create delight and how does one go about doing so? Understanding the Visceral, Behavioral and Reflective (Emotional) aspects of design creation process is key to designing better User Experiences. How does one adopt the tools and process of UX into the Product Development Process? What are the key things that the Product Manager and leader need to keep in mind.






Sub-topics / Key LearningsWill it be a lecture? What exercises or cases will be done in the class?
1 Introduction to User Experience Design Everyone is a Designer Discussion on UX in everyday life and industry Mode of Instruction: Lecture, Exemplar study, Discussions Also serves as a intro lecture for a wider audience
2 UX Process(es), Market vs User vs Design Research, UX cross platforms, mediums and devices User Centred Design Processes Waterfall vs Agile vs Lean, The importance of Research, Design Research vs other research, Research methods to inform the design process, Introduce Assignment Project. Mode of Instruction: Lecture, Discussions, Walkthroughs Class activity: Introduce class project and discuss on Research methods. Give task for research (homework). Divide into teams for exercises related to the Assignment project
3 Information Architecture, Personas and User Scenarios Making sense of Research Information, Gaining Insights, Affinity Diagramming, Task Flows and User Scenarios, Storyboarding in UX, Designing with humans in mind. Mode of Instruction: Lecture, Videos, Classroom Activity, Work in teams for exercises related to the Assignment project
4 Ideation techniques: Elements of Visual Design, Typography Building the UX grounds up The double diamond process / DCI technique Gestalt’s Laws, Grids, Typography Mode of Instruction: Lecture, Case Studies Discussion Classroom Activity: Spot the law game, Typography Quiz
5 Prototyping the UX Understanding High Fidelity and Low Fidelity Prototypes, Prototyping tools. Class working session on creating low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes of the assignment with feedback
6 Product Management & UX, Myths of UX,Product System Harmonization, Usability Audits Understanding Systems Design, Dependencies Mapping, What if scenario generation. Features vs Delight discussion UX / Product Delight Road Map Generation, Heuristic Evaluation Mode of Instruction: Lecture, Case Studies Discussion

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