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About The Event

Jxtapose is happy to announce an exciting 3 D printing workshop by Global 3D Labs, one of the leading 3D printer manufacturing companies in the country. Make sure you’re there for the 5 hour workshop, a detailed, fun and practical session explaining everything right from the introduction to 3D printers all the way up until the actual 3D printing procedure. 


Our Partner Global 3D labs is among the top of 3D Printer manufacturing companies in India. Global 3D labs aims at bridging the gap between ideation and manufacturing by providing high quality and cost effective 3D printers through cutting edge research and innovation. G3D labs specializes in manufacturing 3D printers and rapid prototyping with some of the clients being IIT Kanpur, VIT-Vellore, Indian Railways, Mercedes Benz, Toyota Kirloskar etc.

3D(3-Dimensional) Printing is a technology where we can create objects of any shape and size. We can literally create anything from a CAD design to physical object. The 3D Printer draws plastic material, layer by layer, to give shape to a real object. This technology is also known as Additive Manufacturing. CNC technology where an object is given shape by cutting a larger object is called Subtractive Manufacturing.
3D Printing is currently being used by many manufacturing companies to create prototype or replacement parts, designing new products, etc. The primary beneficiaries of 3D Printing would include, Manufacturing, Automobiles, Architecture, Education, Aerospace, Jewellery, Product Designing, Event Decorators, Display Objects, Lighting, Customized objects, the list is as long as one can imagine! The scope of 3D Printing today is as good as it was for our regular paper printers, back in 1990’s.
We have conducted workshops across various colleges in the country apart from setting 3D Printing laboratories in colleges and universities. We would be pleased to conduct a workshop at your institution.

Full Day Workshop: 5hr 30 Min

Who should attend:

- Entrepreneurs
- Product Startups
- Engineering Students
- School Students
- CAD Designers
- Architects & Students
- Interior Designers / Decorators
- Fashion & Jewelry Designers
- Construction
- Customization Experts
- Gift makers / Designers
- Lighting Experts
- Product Designers
- Mechanical Modelers
- Prototype / Scale Modelers
- Prosthetics, Dental and Organs for Medical
- Home Makers
- Baking & Confectionary

Topics Covered:

 Introduction to 3D Printing. (1 Hour)
 What is meant by 3D Printing?
 How 3D Printing works?
 Differences between Subtractive & Additive Manufacturing
 Types of 3D Printers. (30 Min)
 Applications of 3D Printing. (1 Hour)
 Medical
 Aerospace
 Automobile
 Architecture
 SMEs
 Education
 Defense
 Food, Fashion
 Types of filaments (For FDM)/ Raw

Materials Used. (30 Min)

 3D Printing Procedure (2 Hours)
 Designing a 3D Model.
 Slicing Software (Slic3r)
 3D Printing software (Pronterface)
 Future of 3D Printing & Career

Prospects.(15 Min)

 Question & Answer Session (15 Min)

Workshop Fee: Professionals: Rs. 699/- ; Students: Rs. 499/-

NOTE: Students please carry your student ID to the venue at the date of the workshop.

Date: 29th October
Time : 11:00 A.M - 4:00 P.M
Venue : Jxtapose


1. Workshop Completion Certificate
2. 6-month membership to 50% off on 3D Printing Services.

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