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According to the latest estimates, the global agrochemical industry is growing at a CAGR of 10.6% due to reach $223 billion by 2015, with India slightly ahead at a CAGR of 11%.
This combined with the many current pressures inc

2nd Annual CropWorld India @ Nehru Center, Mumbai from 27 to 29 June 2011


About The Event


According to the latest estimates, the global agrochemical industry is growing at a CAGR of 10.6% due to reach $223 billion by 2015, with India slightly ahead at a CAGR of 11%.

This combined with the many current pressures including the number of patent expiries on the rise, the supply-demand gap for safe and effective crop protection products, and the urgent need to increase crop yield, presents myriad opportunities to develop new crop protection products and drive exports worldwide.

Against this backdrop of burgeoning demand and industry growth, UBM is delighted to invite you to the 2nd Annual CropWorld India Conference & Exhibition 2011, taking place 27-29 June 2011, in Mumbai, India.

Building on the success of our 2010 event, we have consulted the industry to revise and refresh our agenda, speaker line-up and networking opportunities, and ensure maximum benefit to all participants.

Over two intensive days the conference offers you important insights into:

  • Key Export Markets – hear from the regulators and industry practitioners on how you can successfully enter and expand your business in Latin America, ASEA, Africa and the Middle East
  • Registration Process – understand the subtle nuances and challenges of gaining speedy product registration across multiple markets
  • Niche Products – identify new opportunities for expanding your product spectrum in crops such as grapes, cotton, rice, potatoes and sugarcane
  • New Molecules – evaluate the potential of upcoming molecules in herbicides, fungicides and biologics
  • New Technologies – leverage the latest advances in new formulation technologies, nanotechnology, packaging, water irrigation and application devices
  • International Partnerships – make new contacts and strike profitable new partnerships to drive your domestic and international new business opportunities forward
  • Fertilizers and Seeds – understand the latest advances in these allied industries and the implications for new crop protection product development


08:30 Registration and refreshments
09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair
09:10 Updating on the latest government policies to support development and investment in the Indian agrochemical industry
  • Reviewing recent developments in tightening up the regulatory system for the approval of safe and effective agrochemical products
  • Evaluating the new government plans to support the implementation of the latest technologies
  • Defining new incentive schemes to promote R&D and drive innovation
  • Clarifying the implications of the pesticide legislation bill on longer term business opportunities for generic manufacturers
  • Understanding government plans to ensure effective data management for product registration
  • Determining the government’s position on endorsing the export of unregistered products to key international markets
  Gurbachan Singh, 
Agriculture Commissioner 
Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India
Speeding up the approvals process and tightening controls on the use of spurious products
  • Identifying government plans to set realistic timeframes for quick and smooth approval of agrochemical products
  • Creating mechanisms to raise awareness of banned products and their new replacements to control the distribution of illegal products
  • Evaluating what quality check measures can be taken by state and district governments to control the manufacture of spurious products
  • Developing a farmer education programme to help the control of spurious products
  Gurbachan Singh, 
Agriculture Commissioner Ministry of Agriculture, 
Government of India

Ajit Kumar, 
Vice President, Product Development and Regulatory Department
United Phosphorus
10:10 Targeting lucrative international markets to drive the export of Indian
agrochemicals globally
  • Analysing the global export market and mapping out new product opportunities for India to drive export further
  • Leveraging export potential to key Latin American markets such as Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica
  • Determining strategies to deal with the ever-changing regulatory, environmental and distribution requirements to drive exports in western markets
  • Identifying which therapeutic areas can be targeted for driving exports in the emerging ASEAN markets
  • Evaluating the export potential of key South African and Middle Eastern markets such as Kenya, Nigeria, Turkey, Egypt and Iran
  Pradip Dave, 

10:40 Morning refreshments and networking
11:10 Mapping out niche product opportunities to drive the sales of agrochemicals in India
  • Identifying new product opportunities for protecting grapes and effective solutions for dealing with common fungal diseases
  • Determining new pesticide products that can protect high quality sugarcane and reduce reddening effects
  • Evaluating new pesticide product opportunities for potatoes to overcome various fungal diseases
  • Developing new cotton protection products to overcome bold worm problems
  • Identifying new insecticides for effective rice production
  • Understanding the implications of GM crops on pesticide product development
  Ashok Shetty, 
Former Chief Operating Officer,

Rallis India
11:40 Gaining regulatory approval for Indian agrochemical products in the
Latin American market
  • Clarifying Brazilian regulatory requirements with respect to documentation, registration cost and timeframe for gaining approvals to ensure the smooth commercialisation of Indian agrochemical products
  • Understanding Mexican regulatory requirements pertaining to review of molecules for toxicity to ensure effective compliance with environmental and regulatory norms
  • Determining recent changes in Costa Rica’s regulatory guidelines with respect to toxicological evaluation and impurity data requirements
  Hubert Galy, 
Regulatory Affairs Manager,

12:10 Overcoming data compensation challenges to achieve cost-effective product registration for Indian agrochemicals in the US market
  • Navigating recent developments in the US regulatory framework and their impact on the Indian agrochemical industry
  • Employing effective negotiation skills to overcome data compensation issues and ensure quick approvals
  • Understanding the stringent patent litigation issues to avoid delays in the approval process
  • Identifying new environmental policies and procedures to comply with various safety standards in the US
  Binoy Shah, 

Sulphur Mills
12:40 Lunch and networking
13:40 Developing a cost-effective strategy for registration and re-registration of Indian agrochemicals in the European markets
  • Understanding the demand and supply dynamics of key export products in the EU and getting to grips with their registration requirements
  • Examining the recent regulatory amendments to hazard-based assessments and their impact on the Indian agrochemical industry
  • Understanding recent developments in REACH and CLP guidelines to fast-track the approval process
  • Identifying the types of data required for re-registration with respect to toxicity, multiple batches and environmental health and safety
  Terry Tooby, 
Regulatory Consultant, 

Terry Tooby Consultants
  Robert Donkers, 
Minister Counsellor Environment

Delegation of the European Union to India (Invited)
14:10 Updating on the latest regulatory developments in key Asian markets such as China and Thailand to maximise the export of Indian agrochemicals within the region
  • Understanding how restriction on “me-too” registrations in China will impact the Indian agrochemical industry
  • Setting realistic timelines and extensive documentation requirements for registering generic agrochemical products in China
  • Understanding recent regulatory developments in Thailand with respect to:
    - The use of acute, long-term and environmental data
    - Cost of documentation
    - Restriction on number of imports
    - Timeframe for registration
  • Identifying the specific documentation requirements when changing manufacturing location and JV partners in Thailand
  Speaker to be confirmed
14:40 Developing strategic partnerships between Indian agrochemical producers and international distributors to drive exports further and faste
  • Selecting appropriate distribution partners to maximise reach whilst minimising cost in the western markets
  • Determining the best service providers with extensive farmer and industry networks to ensure maximum take-up of products
  • Identifying the best partnership strategies to deal with low-cost competition in China and other emerging markets
  • Adopting a robust marketing and distribution system to ensure maximum return on investments
  • Establishing cost-effective transportation and storage solutions for your products
  KR Venkatadri, 
Vice President Domestic Business,

Rallis India
15:10 Afternoon refreshments
15:40 Effective co-marketing strategies to stimulate the distribution of innovative agrochemicals into the Indian market
  • Establishing an efficient market intelligence programme to aid in designing the best product portfolio for the desired market
  • Understanding the regulatory and environmental safety requirements to ensure timely and smooth registration of products in India
  • Choosing a partner with a strong understanding of import and export licensing requirements to avoid unnecessary delays
  • Selecting an appropriate partner with widespread market distribution and logistics systems to ensure maximum reach to the target market
  • Ensuring robust technical and sales expertise in the team to achieve maximum profits
  Balaji Prasad, 
Director Marketing, 

Makhteshim Agan India
Cocktail reception – you are cordially invited to attend the CropWorld India
2011 cocktail and networking reception, held onsite straight after the conference.
Take advantage of this great opportunity to catch up with old colleagues, meet
peers from across the industry, make important new contacts and develop new
partnerships – all in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

17:30 Close of Conference Day One

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