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Stevia Succeeding in World Sweetener MarketIts Approval, Growth, Processing, Application and Innovation


27th MarchAt
Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and



About The Event


Stevia Succeeding in World Sweetener Market
Its Approval, Growth, Processing, Application and Innovation

27th March

Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( FICCI ),
Tansen Marg, New Delhi,
For details and Reservation contact, +91- 9811988880


About Stevia Global Forum

Why Attend?  Stevia Global Summit, India 2011

The Stevia Global Forum brings together R&D, Innovation, Marketing, Branding and New Product Development thought leaders to network and meet Stevia industry peers from across the World
Benefits of attending:

  • Analyze critical strategies to navigate trends and changes in the Stevia usage and gain insights into consumer behavior and opportunities in the new decade
  • Gain valuable insights into consumer psychology and the latest customer trends and tastes issues.
  • In-depth focus on cultivation of stevia in different climatic conditions.
  • Stevia V/s Alternative Crops.
  • Best Agronomic practices & techniques increase fields from Stevia plantation.
  • To get insight into Stevia Farming and processing in India.
  • Learn about the latest discoveries from your peers in Research & Development, Marketing and Stevia Product Development Strategy.
  • Understand the impact of ‘next generation’  sweetener ingredients and on the food industry.
  • Analyze the  factors leading to the successful development of new products driving innovation and a faster time-to-market.
  • Learn how to harness technology as a platform for your innovation and product development initiatives.
  • Stay abreast of the ongoing changes in the natural sweetener industry as they relate to innovation and regulatory issues.
  • Indentify Innovative stevia applications in food & Brava rage industry and development of new formulations.
  • Benchmark with the best minds in the Stevia  industry as they present case studies relevant to your immediate business concerns.
  • Obtain market updates on Stevia development in Europe, USA, Gulf, China & Japan.
  • To Understand Current & Future supply & Demand equation of Stevia.
  • Stevia V/s Alternative Crops.
  • Extensive networking with Stevia experts to seek tie-ups, Joints ventures, alliances and to do trading deals.
  • Come & Join Stevia Summit 2011 for networking and meeting who’s who of Stevia industry and meet global experts, researchers, Regulators and Stevia Buyers & sellers.

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Date     :         On 27th March 2011 (Sunday)
Venue  :          Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
                       ( FICCI )
                       Tansen Marg, New Delhi, India

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Value for Money: Meet speakers & delegates from all over the world.

“Stevia on Move”

Q&A: Atul Singh, President & CEO, Coca-Cola India

Coca-Cola kicked off its first major initiative with newly-appointed brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar in Mumbai recently by launching the Support My School programme. In the city for the occasion, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia president & chief executive officer Atul Singh spoke to Viveat Susan Pinto on the company’s strategy. Edited excerpts:

Why Sachin when you have Imran on board?

Sachin is a great role model for youth. The values he exhibits on and off the field are those the Coca-Cola company believes in. It’s a great marriage of what we believe in and what Sachin stands for, of honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, collaboration, a healthy lifestyle. We are glad to have him on board.

Your company has said Sachin will be part of the corporate campaigns and CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives. Does this mean Imran will be part of the brand-building activities? Are you, then, subscribing to the policy of your rival, Pepsi, which phased out ageing stars for younger icons?

I cannot comment on what other companies are doing. How we wish to use our brand ambassadors is something the marketing and research teams will decide. Coca-Cola is a universal brand. We are positioned in a certain manner and stand for certain values. The talent we use is based on the message we want to communicate at that point in time. This is all driven by consumer insight. There are a lot of variables involved. Over the years, we have used multiple brand ambassadors. All of this is based on the message we want to communicate.

Unlike 2009, which was a drought year, 2010 was characterised by a prolonged rain spell, impacting demand in the second half of the year. How are you combating this? Are you looking to bring down prices? You have already reduced prices of select SKUs in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

We are in the quiet period at the moment on account of our fourth-quarter and full-year results, which are due soon, so I cannot throw light on our pricing policy. But we have reported our numbers up to September 2010. The latter was our 17th consecutive quarter of growth. If you look at the opportunity in India, the demographics, the GDP growth, all of it makes the country a very strategic market. It is a market we are going to continue to invest behind, both on the carbonated as well as non-carbonated beverage fronts. We are piloting products such as Nestea and Maaza Milky Delite here. Our plans are in place.

Coca-Cola was also the first company to have applied to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for permission to use Stevia, a natural sweetener, in its products, a few months ago. Has there been any progress on that front?

An application has been made, but these things take time. There are processes the government goes through, so it will take its course. Whenever there is a new ingredient, it takes time to get approval. We understand it and are fully prepared for it.

Even as you wait for approvals to come through, input cost pressures have hurt food & beverage companies. It’s happening against the backdrop of a slowdown in sales. Your comments?

We continue to evaluate all input costs like all other companies do. Input costs are one variable when taking a pricing decision. There are other factors, too. We follow the brand, pack, price, channel and occasion strategy. What I mean here is that we have to give the right product at the right price through the right channel. So, yes, input costs are there, but the variables I pointed out earlier are important, too, something we count in our overall strategy.



Date     :         On 27th March 2011 (Sunday)
Venue  :          Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
                       ( FICCI )
                       Tansen Marg, New Delhi, India

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By Tel: 0091 9811988880, 9811941088

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Stevia Global Summit  India, 2011 
New Delhi, 27th March, 2011

Different Session Contains

1   Market Trends & Outlook for stevia natural sweetener

  • Global Stevia marketplace with valuable insights from leading Sweetener Market analyst.
  • Stevia Competitiveness and Prospects of stevia v/s Other Sweetener’s.
  • Increasing demand of stevia among food & beverage manufacturers.
  • Price outlook, demand and supply position.
  • Price impact on sugar.
  • Stevia’s Competitiveness & Prospects in India.
  • Trends and Directions of Stevia Industry.

2    Stevia Supply Chain Development and Ensuring Sustainability

  • Stevia as a Perennial Plant, Growing Stevia via Contract Farming, and Best Agricultural Practices for Maximum Yields.
  • Tissue Culture Plant breeding, Propagation, crop management, harvesting content of steviol glycoside / Reb-A .
  • Contract farming or community farming model v/s single large size cultivation.
  • How to manage out growers/small holders – contract farming terms, setting buy-back price of stevia leaves.
  • Scaling Up Stevia Availability & Increasing Market Penetration.
  • Increasing content of Rebaodioside (GRAS Approved) & Global Sales Opportunities.

3    Regulation Authorization

  • Health, Safety & Regulatory advances in use of stevia.
  • GRAS notifications for steviol glycosides & rebaudioside A and other FDA activity, JECFA and WHO notifications.
  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources added to Food (ANS) documentation for Steviol Glycosides & Rebaudioside A
  • India FDA, Food Safety Standards Authority of India ( FSSAI ) position and use of stevia as an alternative to sugar.


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