2-Day Basic Photography Workshop

2-Day Basic Photography Workshop


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About The Event

2-Day Basic Photography Workshop


Language : English/Hindi

Duration : 6 hrs

Cast & Crew : Amit Chawla

Genre : Photography, Workshop

This is an express 2 days basic photography workshop conducted by the Indian Institute of Photography where you get to learn the various aspects of photography under the guidance of top-notch professionals. There will be indoor and outdoor sessions, interactive tutorials, well-equipped studios and valuable tips by the mentors. IIP is all set to convert you from an amateur photographer to a professional one!
The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Amit Chawla. He is an award winning photographer and a Ph.D. Scholar in Photography from Jamia Millia Islamia

The ticket is valid for both days.






First Session



  • The meaning of photography
  • The science of light in photography
  • Types/Genres of photography
  • Digital cameras and their types
  • Sensors in digital cameras
  • Lenses and its types
  • Creative use of Aperture
  • Creative use of Shutter Speed
  • Creative use of ISO
  • Concept of White balance and EV
  • Visual aesthetics
  • Rules of Composition

1.30 PM -2.00 PM


Second Session

Basics of Image Manipulation

  • Understanding Image file formats
  • Image Manipulation Software
  • Basic tools & Interface of two popular image manipulation software
  • Basic digital image manipulations & adjustments
  • Using Layers and Filters




First Session


Outdoor Photography PRACTICAL

  • Shooting creatively with different modes of Digital Cameras
  • Focus and shake control in digital cameras and DSLRs
  • Practicing exposure triangle (Aperture, Shutter and ISO) in DSLR
  • Creative application of Depth of Field
  • Experimenting with exposure time for shooting moving and still life subjects
  • Reducing camera shake by using tripod
  • Things to remember while doing street photography
  • Practical tips on shooting Nature & Landscapes
  • Tips on portraiture and candid photography
  • Applying concepts of visual aesthetics
  • Practical applications of Rules of Composition

9.00-10.00 AM


Second Session

Studio Practical

  • Different types of Studio Flash
  • Studio accessories and their uses
  • Flash synchronisation
  • Single Point Lighting
  • Three Point Lighting
  • Studio Silhouettes
  • Studio Lighting Practical by participants


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