23rd-Introduction on Wealth Creation Workshop

23rd-Introduction on Wealth Creation Workshop


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About The Event

An Opportunity of Life-time for you to acquire knowledge, tools

and mentoring that will equip you to effectively trade in the stock

market with full confidence and achieve Financial Independence.

Who should attend this introduction and the workshop? 

  1. • People who have lost money in trading
  2. • People who have been simply gambling
  3. • People who are not content with their current income, 

23rd 1-day introduction on “Secrets of Making Money in Stock Market” is organized on July15.2017(Saturday). 

 Trainer is an ex investment banker from Mumbai,One of the founding members of Barclays Capital in India. He is having 15+ years of experience about the Indian Stock market and now he is a full time trader,currently trading for his living. 

 How does it work? 

He has lost tons of money in Market but instead of blaming the market he blamed his trading strategies and corrected his trading methods by learning and rebuilded all his capital . He shares his experience and wisdom so that people don't need to face the hardships like he faced.
This workshop trains the aspirants to become successful traders and investors. The education you receive in the traders course will be information, you use for the rest of your trading and investing career. Just as you prepared in college or received special training to perform your job, we help you prepare to embark on a journey to earn money and build wealth. We are committed to your education like few others would. Remember, you are responsible for your success and success is directly proportional to the amount of effort you are willing to put. If you are willing to help yourself succeed, we are committed to you, your success.
​I am offering 100% money back for our programme. If you are not satisfied with our training simply ask for a no question refund. 



Still not interested? No worries, we understand that the idea of being free & not answerable to anyone can be really scary to most people!





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