Book Online Tickets for 21 Days Yoga Kayachikitsa Course with Dr, Hyderabad. Dr ALV Kumar is a practitioner and teacher of Kayachikitsa, a system of yoga that was practiced in the tradition of  Srinivasabhatta Narayana, the one who has authored Hatha Ratnavali.  Yoga Kayachikitsa is  an exclusive domain of this

21 Days Yoga Kayachikitsa Course with Dr. ALV Kumar


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About The Event

Dr ALV Kumar is a practitioner and teacher of Kayachikitsa, a system of yoga that was practiced in the tradition of  Srinivasabhatta Narayana, the one who has authored Hatha Ratnavali.  Yoga Kayachikitsa is  an exclusive domain of this tradition and taught to Dr. Kumar by Sri Narayana Munindra, the great grandson of Srinivasabhatta.   Dr. Kumar is one of only four people in the world to have been trained in this knowledge and to currently practice this particular system. With his advanced knowledge of this technique, his understanding of medical conditions, and his reassuring compassion, Dr. Kumar continues to bring effective relief to many people.

An ancient knowledge

Kayachikitsa is an ancient knowledge which has become an integral part of Indian family system wherein every grandmother would administer the technique of Kayasamvaadana, a technique of Kayaschikitsa,  applying oil on a month to 2-year old baby in order to nourish and nurture all organs for complete development and to bring total balance in her neuro, muscular and skeletal system. Such a child when grown completely, would have robust physique, ruggedness and ability to withstand under the extremes of environment, place and the people. And such a child’s brain would develop properly enabling the child to have a strong mind. 

Modern therapies evolved from Kayachikitsa

The same  rich tradition resulted in several types of body related treatment protocols such as Chinese Massotherapy, Thai massage, Shiatsu, etc. Unlike any of these techniques and the modern techniques like Kinesiology, Chirology, Osteology, this ancient system is the most simplified and efficient means of administering therapy for all kinds of problems related to mind-body system. This technique involves 28 manipulations working with each organ of the body which is equivalent to the fitness achieved by practicing 84,000 postures of physical yoga. Unlike ancient system of Panchakarma, this system involves 37 kinds of Kayasamvadana manipulations administering the technique using oil.

The technique was believed to be used during the times of great wars like Mahabharata and Ramayana, wherein a wounded soldier would be completely fit in 21days and the same kind of treatment known as Kayakalpa in Ayurveda would take 6 to 24 months for complete rejuvenation.

The course is for whom?

It is a practice which should be learnt by every member in a family so that he/she can help the spouse, children and parents to keep all ailments away  even if administered once in a week. It is a single remedy for all kinds of maladies what a modern life style is prone to.  The speciality of Kayachikitsa is that the therapist and the aspirant both of them get equally benefitted.  It is a solution for  all muscular, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, reproductive and nervous system related problems.

The course is completely practical oriented with enough of detailed theory so that the participant would be able to administer the Kayachikitsa therapy confidently on his/her family members. The related code of discipline and food in detail will be explained as a part of the course. It is the most advanced form of healing in the shortest span of time.  This program has never been conducted in its full length due to its highly guarded lineage and secrecy. Only those aspirants who are very keen in learning and practicing to become youthful even in old age are eligible to practice. This is one of the rarest opportunity for any one to learn such a system which was hither to not known in any prevailing traditions of yoga today.  

A Case study

Mrs. Pippa Hoyer (43 years) whose husband is a Director for Cellular and Molecular Division at Oxford University - their 15 year old daughter had brain ataxia with severe problem in loco-motor coordination. She underwent an exclusive therapy called spider therapy for more than 5 years which has resulted in only 20% improvement.  Having met Dr. Kumar at a workshop in London, Hoyer came to India with her daughter and a physiotherapist, stayed in Hotel Marriott in Hyderabad and underwent treatment with Dr. Kumar for one month.  The physiotherapist also got trained by Dr. Kumar and after going back to London, the same therapy has been administered for further 6 months, which has resulted in 80% improvement.

Note: You will be taught and asked to administer the therapy on a fellow student under the guidance of Dr. Kumar.  It explains the methodology to address any problem and NO treatment will be given to you to cure your own health problems.

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