2 MAD CAP Comedy by Ratatouille

2 MAD CAP Comedy by Ratatouille


About The Event

Date: 8th January 2017
Venue: Jeff Goldberg Studio (1st floor) 133 Gazebo House, Above mamagoto, Hill Road, Bandra (w)
tickets: 300 rs
time 6:30pm.

A night of characters that are not who they show and humans that can be what they want. come see funny people do funny stuff with their voice or face or body! this will be an evening of nothing like you have seen before.

Host: Jeeya Sethi a.k.a. Sandra from Bandra

Artists Info:

Jeeya Sethi:
Jeeya believes if you are fat once(by fat she means FAAAAT) you are fat forever, mentally you never become thin even after losing all the weight. An event manager turned stand-up comedian, improviser and actor. she has made entertainment her new life's mission since nothing else is going for her!


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