Book Online Tickets for 2 Days NLP Foundation Workshop, New Delhi. Today NLP is one of the fastest growing adaptations by Corporate Leaders, HR Professionals, Executives, Film Actors, Athletes, Parents and Students too.
Since NLP deals with the subconscious mind, it offers a deep and quick solution to various

2 Days NLP Foundation Workshop


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About The Event

Today NLP is one of the fastest growing adaptations by Corporate Leaders, HR Professionals, Executives, Film Actors, Athletes, Parents and Students too.


Since NLP deals with the subconscious mind, it offers a deep and quick solution to various emotional challenges people face. The greatest battle we fight in our day to day lives is mainly negative thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs and habits. NLP is a study of human performance and helps people overcome negative beliefs, develop beliefs of excellence, build in competencies using various NLP Tools thereby taking people’s life at a next level of excellence. The result is that they become much stronger emotionally & psychologically and are able to face challenges without getting stressed by them.


I, Achla Bhardwaj, NLP Master Trainer have been helping people increase their personal effectiveness by helping them take control of their minds through various Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Tools.     




The 2 Days NLP Foundation workshop will have 8 sessions, which include demonstrations and well guided and supported hands-on exercises. The methodology ensures experiential learning. Individual attention is provided during the practical sessions to ensure that participants build the competency as well as the confidence.


  Introduction to NLP


  1. META MODEL – Uncover your language pattern to develop effective communication. The communication model that lets you see situations for what they really are.
  2. CALIBRATION & PATTERN DETECTION:  Developing your sensory (5 senses) awareness to observe unconscious changes in self and others
  3. STATE ELICITATION- Learn how to develop resourceful emotional states
  4. ANCHORING – the power to feel how you want. Learn how to control your feelings at any time. Learn how to move people from being stuck to being resourceful in minutes.  
  5. RAPPORT – Foundation of influence. Learn the facts about body language. Learn how to use your voice to gain rapport, even on the phone. How to disagree and yet keep rapport. 
  6. REPRESENTATIONAL SYSTEMS – Using our 5 senses, find out how we internally code our experience of the world; Use this language to transform your ability to communicate with others. How to tell how someone is thinking just by watching their eyes. 
  7. SUB-MODALITIES – Learn how to change unwanted beliefs, habits and feelings. Learn how to alter the meanings you place on things and events. Learn how to permanently remove phobias. Learn how to make your brain really work for you
  8. REFRAMING –  Learn how to use language to have influence over someone’s thoughts about an event, belief, or feeling by shifting their perspective


Who Should Attend this Program ?


Anyone who wants to bring change in his/her life, improve relations, develop Personally and Professionally, both because NLP automatically equips people with tools to re-design / re-jig patterns of Behaviour and beliefs which serve them better. It is a great discipline for development of any kind. NLP Concepts also helps leaders shaping and realigning the Organisational DNA and transform Employee-Employer relationships for a motivate individuals towards a common Goal. Very helpful for people undergoing, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia or any diseases caused by fearful or negative thought process.


Leaders - Latest research in the field  of Neurosciences and its application in the area of Human Behaviour, is shaping the existing leadership Practices . It is helping Leaders in crafting well-formed outcomes and strategies to lead and inspire others. 


HR Professionals / L&D Professionals – NLP is applicable in almost all areas of HR and L&D activities and its contribution is transforming the Individuals and Organisation together. It is one of the fastest growing adaptations by HR and L&D professionals’ community. 


Executives / Sr. Managers / Managers - NLP is invaluable in team development and motivation. A powerful aid in negotiation, procurement and strategic Planning. 


Trainers / Facilitators– Learn to train at an unconscious and conscious level & match the learning needs & styles of your delegates. 


Coaches – Create and maintain optimum performance and desired changes. NLP deepens the Coaching Skills. Today best of the Coaches worldwide are using NLP Techniques for all kind of Coaching, be it Executive, Leadership or Life Coaching. 


Therapists / Counsellors/ Medical Professionals – Enable your clients to take charge of and influence their desired states, move out of unhelpful patterns. NLP is becoming one of the most effective tool in dealing with PTSD , Depression , OCD,  Phobias Relationship Issues and Parenting (Helps is ADHD, Autism etc.)


Parents – Learn art of parenting and also the subtle techniques to discover the the natural potential of the child and managing them the most efficient way. Manage self and the child and deal with their issues like a professional.




What’s included in the Course?


  • 2 Days of Classroom Workshop including Lunch and Tea / Coffee breaks. 
  • Option to repeat the Foundation program at a very nominal admin charges anywhere in India 
  • NLP Foundation Certificates upon achieving the required criteria 
  • Complimentary Coaching Sessions to support participant beyond the Programme


The benefits received from the workshop will be immense and can be used lifelong






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