2- Days Handwriting and Signature Analysis Course

2- Days Handwriting and Signature Analysis Course


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About The Event

 Come and Experience the amazing world of Science of Knowing Yourself as well as Others with 100% accuracy just by analysing their handwriting and signature.

After learning this 2-day course, you will be able to know about the person's nature and behaviour which shall help you to know whether that person is fruitful to you or not.

It shall help parents to know about their children, their changing behaviour & attitude.

Helpful to Doctors to understand their patients in a better manner and solve their medical issues.

Helps a Businessman to know his new clients about his reliability as well as recruitment of new employees as well as knowing existing employees

This is just a beginning....Handwriting Analysis is helpful to all and everyone in every aspect of life

Course Includes:

1. Course Materials

2. Lunch, Tea & Snacks

3. Certification

Add On Benefit: Post- Workshop full WHATSAPP Support

Course Details:

Day 1: 

1. History of Handwriting Analysis

2. Basics of: Margins, Baselines, Slants, Size & Shapes, Spacing, Zoning & Alphabets


Day 2:

1. Continuation of Alphabets

2. Basic Meaning of Strokes, Connections, Pastocity & Pressure

3. Basics of Signature Analysis

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