Book Online Tickets for  2- day Brain Education - Midbrain Activ, New Delhi.  EXPERIENCE this MIRACLE of NEUROSCIENCE(आश्चर्य चकित कर देने वाला न्योरोसॉईन्स की खोज); it is aBreakthrough in Quantum Science (क्वांटम वि

2- day Brain Education - Midbrain Activation n Quantum Speed Reading Kids Workshop by YoloLights


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About The Event

 EXPERIENCE this MIRACLE of NEUROSCIENCE(आश्चर्य चकित कर देने वाला न्योरोसॉईन्स की खोज); it is aBreakthrough in Quantum Science (क्वांटम विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में अनोखा चमत्कार)

How wonderful life would become for children/adults if they could pick a book of any subject, written in any language, of any standard; flip and fan through the pages and know the exact contents, details and synopsis? 

WoW !! We really get excited on this idea…

It is now possible through Quantum Speed Reading Technique; you can pick a book of any subject and read about 200 pages in 5-10 minutes with your eyes blindfolded or without even looking at it. 
This is innovative because as we had been reiterating, human brain is super powerful; if once it gets activated, it can do wonders for human beings. It is the vibrations of the pages of the book which the brain power recognizes. This technique enables you to process information directly through the right brain while delivering magical results.
You will be amazed at the outcome as you speed read. You will quantum speed read upto 10 times faster or more if you practice and follow the instructions.


Isn't it great? Wouldn't you like to learn it?
Successful people are busy people. They have to read tons of technical journals and piles of books but only get 24-hour days as everybody else does. Plus there are newspapers, journals, articles, e-books, your favorite read-at-night books and a plethora of other stuff you must get around to.
If you are better than average, your reading speed is about 260-300 words per minute. So you will be reading a regular 300-page, book up to 10-20 times faster than you otherwise would after your quantum speed reading course. 

Benefits of Workshop (इस वर्कशॉप के फायदे)
Ÿ Pick a book/textbook of any subject, flip & fan pages put it on forehead, touch, smell, feel, tap to hear and KNOW the exact CONTENTS, DETAILS, SYNOPSIS (पुस्तक के पन्ने पलटिये, कुछ मिनटों में पूरी पुस्तक का ज्ञान प्राप्त)
Ÿ Feel instant QUANTUM CONNECT with the AUTHOR (लेखक से कुयान्टम संबंध स्थापित)
Ÿ Through TEXT VIBRATION; READ-UNDERSTAND faster (पाठ कपंन से पढ़ने की गति बढ़ना, जल्दी समझ आना)
Ÿ Amassing KNOWLEDGE is the biggest ASSET and soon you will feel IN-CONTROL of everything around you.
Ÿ RETAIN Longer (लम्बे स्मय तक याद रहना). You will comprehend and retain the material at least 3-10 times more efficiently.
Ÿ Your CONCENTRATION & FOCUS will enhance tremendously.
Ÿ QUANTUM SPEED READ dozens of books at a go (डेरों पुस्तकें पढ़े); FOR KNOWLEDGE or to easily prepare for tough competitions n exams (कठिन परीक्षा की आसानी से तय्यारी)
Ÿ You get a BALANCED SHARP MIND (संतुलित तेज दिमाग) with huge Emotional Stability (भावनात्मक स्थिरता). You will also become HIGHLY INTUITIVE with much increased COGNITIVE ABILITIES.
Ÿ Overall Good Health (दिमाग़ सन्तुलित हो जाने से स्वास्थ्य में सुधार); You will also see a measurable improvement in your health at levels of mind-body-soul.

What we do at the workshop?
Take you through processes, vision cards, brainwaves, exercises, meditations, brain gymning and teach you how to Quantum Speed Read. Few of you feel instant quantum connect with the author, you envision images, see colors, hear sounds, touch and feel the entire text vibration and eventually read and understand the entire book by fanning pages or touching page by page. 


- 2 full day workshop + 1 full day follow up (follow-up is after a month; follow-up could be at a different venue; follow-up is free complimentary session only pay for food).
- Home practice material (videos, relaxation music)
- Refreshments & Tea.
- Hand holding for 3-6 months.
- Workshop environment is friendly, very comfortable; Participants find it enjoyable like a picnic. Ambience is luxurious, generally a 4-star/5-star property making is conducive and relaxing to do the brain work. ​

*2-day Quantum Speed Reading (QSR) Workshop - DELHI*

Venue - *The SURYAA Hotel* (5-star Property at NFC, South Delhi)
Timings- 10 am to 6 pm
Fee - Rs 10,500/- per participant (early bird); Regular 11,500/- per participant
Age - 5 to 15 yrs

 More Details on www. yololights. com
Call at Nine Nine One Zero Four Seven Five Five Two Two

YouTube Channel  - Class Session Videos at:


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