1st Annual DVT Awareness Walk

1st Annual DVT Awareness Walk


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About The Event

Blood clots are a major public health concern. Sadly, most people do not know they could be at risk, or they do not know the signs and symptoms of blood clots. Blood clots do not discriminate. They can and do affect everyone: From children to senior citizens, professional athletes to mothers, women and men. No one is immune. Each year, more people lose their lives to blood clots than AIDS, breast cancer, and motor vehicle accidents combined. Yet, despite these facts, study after study has shown that fewer than one in four people have any recognition of blood clots or their signs and symptoms. Without this knowledge, people may not receive help until it is too late. Blood clots can be life-threatening, but they can be prevented in many cases, simply by sharing essential information with the people you know. For more informatio follow


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