Scrum Foundation Workshop

Scrum Foundation Workshop


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About The Event

This two days Scrum training course provides a comprehensive and in-depth training in Scrum theory and practices. This course covers the principles and practices that make Scrum effective at managing projects. The course covers theory as well as practical examples, case studies and exercises to better understand the scrum practices. The course uses the principles of Agile, where the learning outcome is driven by the needs of the participants.

During this training you will build a solid foundation for the further use of Scrum.

Know your Trianers: 

Savita with her expertises in Scrum, Lean and Kanban is one of the first Certified Kanban Methodologists in India, she is an expert in Kanban, lean and other visual discovery methods and has training and consulting experience with various multinationals on Scrum and Kanban. She is CSP and Kanban Methodologist.
She started her journey in IT industry as a developer and contributed the organization in agile adoption. Then she moved into agile world as a consultant and trainer. Since then she has been working with different clients for agile adoption and giving trainings on scrum and Kanban.

Sherry is an agile enthusiast who harbours a keen interest in the nuances of enterprise agility - its inherent dependencies and impact on team dynamics, and strategic agile adoption for business process improvement. Her primary focus lies with the application of Scrum and XP practices to build effective business solutions, and she lays great emphasis on troubleshooting and group-ideation to bring innovation and creativity into streamlining established processes.
With emphasis on a system-thinking paradigm, and high quality standards made necessary in environments with short development-to-production cycles and feedback loops, her strengths lie in facilitating team-level collaboration to provide effective solutions for real-time, immediate business problems and deliver the highest possible value.


The learning goals of this training are: (two day scrum workshop)

What is Agile

          Introduction of Agile

          Why Agile

Agile Manifesto

           Agile principles and values

Introduction of Other Agile Methodologies




        Software Craftsmanship Manifesto

Scrum Framework

            Scrum Roles

            Scrum Ceremonies

            Scrum Artifacts

Estimation and Planning

           User Story writing

           User Story Splitting

           Estimation techniques

Scrum Artifacts

           Product Backlog

           Sprint Backlog

           Burndown Charts

Sample Project Creation using Scrum

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