19th All India Homoeopathic Congress 2014

19th All India Homoeopathic Congress 2014


About The Event

19th All India Homoeopathic Congress 2014
Going to be held at Ahemdabad in December 2014

HMAI meets regularly to have Analysis, Self assessment and Evaluation through dialogue and discussions. We frame the future of Homoeopathy in India by declaring resolutions after vigorous paper presentations, discussions and forum with dialogue to contribute toward the healthy society the way our master proclaimed.


This is the way we become the torch bearer and safeguard  the Interests of  fraternity and society at large.

We are happy and thankful to the National Executive Committee for providing us an opportunity to organize and to host such a powerful and impactful event at Ahmedabad.


We from the platform of Organising Committee of 19th AIHCON  2014 heartily invite you to this event and contribute to  the cause.



The AIHCON 2014 will focus on

“Homoeopathy for Healthy Tomorrow”. 



Impact Speakers of national and international repute will discuss new research, proof of concepts, innovation and field experiences of homoeopathic management in various diseases including Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) as well road ahead for better health, harmony and development through improved health index of the country. 

Homoeopathic medicines are Greenest form of medicines as they are based on natural resources, leave behind least carbon foot print (from production to logistics), afforbable as well environment friendly while offering optimum health benefits to human & animals. Homoeopathy is gaining popularity across the world including India & many researches are focused on larger role of Homoeopathy in diseases of concern in Public Health.  Gujarat has always taken lead in various front of economical, social & health development. In 19th All India Homoeopathic Congress will exhibit yet another leap forward in holistic health by inviting Homoeopathic Professionals for sharing their collective wisdom, ideas & innovations in holistic health frontiers to make Humanity at large Healthier, Happier & more Prosperous.


AIHCON 2014 can add many more dimensions to the Seminar that are directly relevant to discuss, debate and transpire rightful health policy and programmes at State and National level through meaningful integration of homoeopathy, involvement of qualified homoeopathic practitioners and relevant stakeholders.


our strength and commitment for “Holistic Health For All” within the mandate of HMAI and strength of Homoeopathic System of Medicine for public health problems

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