Book Online Tickets for 18th European Union Film Festival Inaugu, Pune. Pune: April 05 – April 10
24 films, each from a different EU MemberState
At Main Theatre, National Film Archive of India
Opening on April 05 at 6 pm
April 06-April 10 (daily 9.30 am 11.30 am, 2.30 pm, 4.00 pm, 6.00 pm)
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18th European Union Film Festival Inauguration on 5th April 2013, 5.30 pm at National Film Archives of India (NFAI)


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About The Event

Pune: April 05 – April 10

24 films, each from a different EU MemberState

At Main Theatre, National Film Archive of India

Opening on April 05 at 6 pm

April 06-April 10 (daily 9.30 am 11.30 am, 2.30 pm, 4.00 pm, 6.00 pm)


On the occasion of the 50 years of EU-India diplomatic relations, European Union recently launched its Film Festival in India, in the city of Coimbatore on March 8, 2013. Its launch coinciding with the International Women's Day, it is appropriately themed on: "Celebrating Women". The film festival narrates many engaging stories, showcasing different shades, and nuances of women, and offering an insight into their remarkable lives.


The 18the edition of the EU Film Festival (EUFF) is a tribute to the never say die spirit of women, not just in Europe or India but across the world. This wonderful selection of 24 films, each from a different EU Member State, manifests the European unity in diversity through the central theme of 'Women'.

In Pune the EUFF is being coordinated by the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Alliance Française Pune, British Council and National Film Archive of India.


Inaugurating the festival……


The festival will be inaugurated by the Swedish Consul General in Mumbai, Ms. FredrikaOrnbrant, in the presence of Mr. PrashantPathrabe (Director, National Film Archive of India), Mr. Wolfgang Franz (Director, MMB Pune), Ms. KajariMitra (British Council), Mr. Luc Didon (Director, Alliance Française, Pune).


The inauguration will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic “The Importance of Diversity at the Workplace: The need to have the right ecosystem that enables and empowers women so that the feminine perspective can be put into actions to build a better World”.


Panelists: Mrs. Lila Poonawalla (Lila Poonawalla Foundation), Mrs. Anjali Byce Nair (Director - Human Resources, SKF Ltd.), Mr. Ajay Sambrani (Managing Director, Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. DileepPadgaonkar. The panel discussion will be moderated by Mrs. KajariMitra.


The inaugural film in Pune- Svinalängorna- (Beyond) is directed by Pernilla Augustand has won multiple awards:


It received seven Swedish Academy Awards for Best film, Best script (Pernilla August & Lolita Ray), Best director (Pernilla August), Best cinematography (Erik Mollberg-Hansen), Best leading actress (NoomiRapace), Best supporting actress (OutiMäenpää&TehillaBlad), Best supporting actor (Ville Virtanen). It also won the Nordic Council Film Prize and Venice Critics’ Week, and the director, Pernilla August, was named best directorial debut.


Synopsis:The central character of the film, Leena, 34, receives a phone call from a hospital in her childhood hometown telling her that her mother is dying. This news takes her on a journey to face her mother for the first time in her adult life. Leena has fought all her life to let go of her grief over her lost and dark childhood. She is now forced to deal with her past to be able to move on.


A poignant story, told with sincerity and humor, about a young woman´s dramatic childhood and about her grief and the struggle to move on


The EU Film Festival within India is organised by the EU Delegation to India and the Embassies of the EU Member States, in collaboration with a number of partners: Federation of Film Societies of India, Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Suchitra Film Society and Bangalore International Centre, National Film Archives of India, Cine Central Calcutta, Nandan Theatre, Entertainment Society of Goa, Chandigarh Film Society, Film Society of Jodhpur etc.


The festival has already been showcased in Coimbatore and Bangalore and after the screenings in Pune & Chennai (05 April 2013), it will travel to other Indian cities - Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Jodhpur.


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Title (English)



6:00 PM



Pernilla August


9:30 AM



Marian Quinn


11:30 AM





2:00 PM



Peter Brosens& Jessica Woodworth


4:00 PM


Installation of love

Maja Weiss


6:00 PM


After Five in the Forest Primeval

Hans-Christian Schmid


9:30 AM


The Dark House

Will Koopman


11:30 AM


Back to your arms



2:00 PM


Your name is Justine

Franco de Peña


4:00 PM


My Personal Life

Cornel George Popa


6:00 PM


Fast Girls

Regan Hall


9:30 AM



Martin Pieter Zandvliet


11:30 AM


The First Assignment



2:00 PM

Czech Republic

Little Girl Blue

Alice Nellis


4:00 PM


Graveyard Keeper's daughter



6:00 PM


Lora from morning till evening



9:30 AM


My name is Ki



11:30 AM





2:00 PM


The House



4:00 PM


Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired Girl

Manoel de Oliveira


6:00 PM


Water Lilies

Céline Sciamma


9:30 AM


Take my eyes



11:30 AM


Roads and Oranges



2:00 PM


Eszter's Inheritance



List of Awards won by the movies showcased in the EUFF 2013


Belgium, Altiplano, Peter Brosens&Jessica Woodworth (6)

2010:  Lucania Film Festival (Italy) - Best Cinematography; AVANCA Festival (Portugal) - Best Feature Film and Best Actress (MagalySolier); Tofifest (Poland) - Special Jury Award

2009: "The City of Virton Award"(Belgium) - Grand Prix Award; Bangkok International Film Festival - Grand Prix or Golden Kinnaree


Czech Republic, Little Girl Blue, Alice Nellis (3)

2008: Bergamo Film Meeting (Italy) - Bronze Rosa Camuna; Czech Lions - Critics' Award; Pilsen Film Festival - Golden Kingfisher Award (Best Film)


Denmark, Applause, Martin Pieter Zandvliet (8)

                2009: Mumbai International Film Festival - Best Actress; Zurich film festival - Critics'          Choice Award, Nashville - Best Actress, Hamptons - Outstanding Achievement in Acting    (Paprika Steen); Karlovy Vary - Best Actress (Paprika Steen);

2010: Robert Festival - Robert Award (Best Actress, Paprika Steen); Zulu Awards - Best Actress (Paprika Steen); Rouen Nordic Film Festival - "DeuxièmeSouffle" Award (Martin Zandvliet)


Estonia, Graveyard Keeper's daughter, KatrinLaur (3)

2011: International Film Festival “Arsenals” (Latvia) - Best Film in the Baltic Film competition, FIPRESCI Prize; Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – Best Estonian Film


Finland, Princess, ArtoHalonen (2)

2011: Jussi Finnish Film Awards - Jussi Award, Best Actress to KatjaKukkola; Cape Winelands Film Festival (South Africa) - Grand Prix Award


France, Water Lilies, Céline Sciamma (3)

                2008: Trophées Jeunes Talents 2008 – Young DirectorAward

2007: Cabourg Romantic Film Festival - Prix de la jeunesse; Prix Louis-Delluc (Best Film)


Germany, After Five in the Forest Primeval, Hans-Christian Schmid (3)

1995: International Hofer Film Days - Best yound director (Hans-Christian Schmid)

1996: Bavarian Film Award - Best young actress (FrankaPotente)

1997: Bavarian Film Award - Best Production


Greece, Athanasia, PanosKarkanevatos (1)

                2008:  Thessaloniki Film Festival - FIPRESCI Prize


Ireland, 32A, Marian Quinn (2)

2007: Annual Irish Film & Television Awards – Director of Photography; Galway Film Fleadh – Best First Feature Award


Italy, The First Assignment, GiorgiaCecere (9)

2011: "Tumbarinud'Argento" Award (Best Debut Film); Isola del Cinema Festival – Best Screenplay; Bobbio Film Festival – Audience Award; Bimbi Belli Festival – Best Actress (Isabella Ragonese); Clorofilla Film Festival – Best Actress; NICE - New Italian Cinema Events Festival – City of Florence N.I.C.E. Award, Susan Batson Award; Premio Sonora Contest – Best Soundtrack

2012: NICE Russia Festival – Best Director


Lithuania, Back to your arms, KristijonasVildžiūnas (10)

2011: Silver Crane Awards (Lithuania) – Best Director, Best Film and 8 other categories


Netherlands, The Dark House, Will Koopman (1)

                2009: Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands – Golden Film Award


Poland, My name is Ki, LeszekDawid (1)

2011: Polish Films Festival in Gdynia - Best Actress in a Leading Role (Roma GÄ…siorowska)


Portugal, Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired Girl, Manoel de Oliveira (1)

                2010: Portugal Golden Globe, Best Actress (Catarina Wallenstein).


Slovenia, Installation of love, Maja Weiss (1)

                2008:  Jury Prize at the Trieste Film Festival


Spain, Take my eyes, IcíarBollaín (39)


2003: Ondas Awards, Film Award (Best Actress and Best Spanish Film); San Sebastián International Film Festival, CEC Award for Best Film, SIGNIS Award - Special Mention, Silver Seashell (Best Actor and Best Actress)

2004: ADIRCAE Awards, Best Director (IcíarBollaín) and Best Performance in a Leading Role (LaiaMarull); Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain, Best Actor (Luis Tosar), Best Actress (LaiaMarull), Best Director (IcíarBollaín), Best Film, Best Original Score (Alberto Iglesias), Best Screenplay; Copenhagen International Film Festival, Golden Swan, Best Actor (Luis Tosar); Créteil International Women's Film Festival, Audience Award (Best Feature Film), Grand Prix; Fotogramas de Plata, Fotogramas de Plata Award, Best Film, Best Movie Actor, Best Movie Actress; Goya Awards, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound, Best Supporting Actress; Guadalajara Mexican Film Festival, Mayahuel Award, Best Film; Iberoamerican Short Film Competition, "La Navaja de Buñuel" Award; SantJordi Awards, Audience Award (Best Spanish Film), SantJordi (Best Spanish Actress); Seattle International Film Festival, Golden Space Needle Award (Best Actor); Spanish Actors Union, Award of the Spanish Actors Union (Best Female Lead Performance, Best Male Lead Performance, Best Female Supporting Performance); Turia Awards, Audience Award (Best Spanish Film), Turia Award (Best Actor and Best Actress)

2005: Cartagena Film Festival, Golden India Catalina Best Actor (Luis Tosar)


Sweden, Beyond, Pernilla August (10)  

2011: Nordic Council Film Prize

2010: São Paulo International Film Festival, International Jury Award (Best Actress), Special Jury Award (Best Fictional Film); Venice Film Festival, Christopher D. Smithers Foundation Special Award, International Critics' Week Award; Lübeck Nordic Film Days, NDR Promotion Prize; Hamburg Film Festival, Foreign Press Award; Guldbagge Awards (Swedish Academy Awards), Guldbagge (Best Direction and Best Supporting Actress), Jury Specialbagge (Best Editing) 


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