13 May 2018 Sky Gazing at Wonders Park by Khagol Mandal

13 May 2018 Sky Gazing at Wonders Park by Khagol Mandal




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About The Event

Sky Gazing by Khagol Mandal from Wonder Park Seawood - Nerul

Khagol Mandal is glad to announce 3 Hrs of Astronomy Theme Program at Wonder’s Park, Seawood. The theme of this beginner level program is “Wonders of the Universe”.

Lets launch Water Rockets .... !

Lets see Sun through  Telescope using Solar Filter.... !!

Lets see Grand Jupiter withs its beautiful Moons ..... !!!

All in one evening at Wonders Park with Khagol Mandal. 

This show will focus on where we are and how we see the universe as of now. The initial audio visual session will showcase various aspects of astronomy from solar system to stars.

The main attraction will be Star Gazing using advanced telescopes. Khagol Mandal volunteers will show variety of celestial objects to participants.

 So don’t miss this event! Book it now using the link below:

 Date     : Sunday 13 May 2018

 Time     : 6 pm to 9 pm

 Venue   : Wonder's Park, Behind Seawood Fire Brigade,

               Sector-19A, Seawood (E), Uran Road, Navi Mumbai-400706


Plan for the evening:

 1730: Registration and Entry to Wonder Park

 1800: Instructions for the session

 1815 to 1900: Wonders of Universe

 1900 to 2100: Sky Gazing



 Regular Ticket: Rs. 250/- per person

 Student Ticket: Rs. 200/- for students from 5yrs to 12 yrs.

 Child Ticket: Free of cost for kids up to 5 yrs

 Charges are inclusive of Wonder Park Entry Charges.

 Parking and other ride charges are not included in the above.


Book now…entry limited on first come basis !!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Smoking or drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any defaulter will be escorted out of the field and will be prohibited from joining the program. No refunds in case you are prohibited from the program.
  2. This is an educational initiative and not a luxury outing. All are requested to maintain the spirit of the program and co-operate. No unruly behavior towards fellow participants will be tolerated.
  3. Program coupons can be cancelled online. For cancellations, please send email to support@meraevents.com with a copy to abhay@khagolmandal.com
  4. Rs. 100/- per person cancellation charges will be deducted if the program coupons are cancelled till 1700 hrs on 11 May 2018 (Friday).
  5. No refunds for program or dinner coupons after the 1700 hrs on 11 May 2018 (Friday).
  6. Final decision of cancellation charges will rest with the organizer.
  7. If due to any unforeseen circumstances like train strike, rain, clouds etc., any other natural disaster, political situation, strike or any such other case the program can be curtailed or cancelled. In such event no refunds will be provided.
  8. Rain, cloud cover is beyond control of organizer and in such cases one has to wait till the clouds clear.
  9. Organizers are not responsible for medical issues arising to individuals on the field. The field is an open field and we take care to provide comfortable atmosphere. All are requested to carry personal medicines and follow instructions related to cold and dewing on the site.
  10. Khagol Mandal is a voluntary organization working for past 33 yrs. The aim of this group is to create awareness amongst our society members. All organizers, speakers, telescope volunteers are amateur astronomers sparing their time voluntary for the social cause. All participants are requested to take the efforts in proper spirit and co-operate. We cannot run a smooth show unless every participant supports us.
  11. Entry to Wonder Park is subject to terms and conditions set by local authorities.
  12. Security guidelines issued by Wonder Park security or Police will be binding on each and every individual and will be mandatory from safety point of view.

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