Book Online Tickets for Becoming the Big Boss Workshop - A Brick, Chennai. What is 12Bs workshop?
12Bs workshop is ‘Becoming the Big Boss’ Workshop - A ‘Brick By Brick’ ‘Brand Building Blueprint’for ‘Business Busy Bees’ (The 12Bs Workshop). It’s

Becoming the Big Boss Workshop - A Brick By Brick Brand Building Blueprint for Business Busy Bees (The 12Bs Workshop)


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About The Event

What is 12Bs workshop?

12Bs workshop is ‘Becoming the Big Boss’ Workshop - A ‘Brick By Brick’ ‘Brand Building Blueprint’for ‘Business Busy Bees’ (The 12Bs Workshop). It’s a special learning platform for

a) Business owners.

b) A struggling Entrepreneur.

c) People who want to start a Business.


Why 12Bs workshop is CRUCIAL for the Business?

According to, 93% of businesses fail within one year of commencement.

This workshop teaches,

a) Why most small startups fail and

b) How to avoid such failures and thrive.


How 12Bs workshop will change your life and Business?

After 10 years of understanding the business machinery through several failures and huge success with Aristocrat IT solutions Pvt Ltd. Dr. Azariah Samuel., B.Pharm., M.Tech., MBA., PGDFA., Ph.D., D.Litt., developed a simple method that made the following:

a) Significantly brought down the working hours for Entrepreneurs.

b) Exponentially increased the Income in the business.

In 12Bs workshop, Dr. Azariah Samuel reveals the simple and profound ideology as definitive blueprints, document by document.

12Bs workshop is a Brick by Brick foundation for your Brand building.

The Brick by Brick gradual tweaks you make in your business idea will change the way operate the business and your life.

Most Businesses are like a beautiful vessel with multiple holes. Most Entrepreneurs just always fight and fix the holes on a daily basis on the beautiful vessel and become constantly tiresome.

12Bs workshop is a proven strategy implementation method to:

  • Replace the broken vessel of business with a brand new one.
  • Maximize profit based on tweaking minor changes in the business system.


What will you exactly get from 12Bs workshop?


The 12Bs workshop is executed in 3 parts:


1. Implementing the “Big Boss mind set Blueprint”: How effective leaders control every parts of their business.

2. Doing the “Heavy Lifting”: Learning what are the strategies to take a business from strive to thrive automatically with your minimal intervention.

3. Automating all operations and living the dream life - Systems implementing of all business facts and entering into measuring quantifying business through Business Analytics and Business Intelligence.   


Explaining the 3 parts of the 12Bs workshop  


(Your takeaways / learning direction in the workshop)

1. Implementing the “Big Boss mind set blueprint”: How effective leaders control every parts of their business.

2. Doing the “Heavy lifting”: What are the strategies to take a business from Strive to Thrive automatically with your minimal intervention.

3. Automating all operations and living the dream life:


You will learn the difference between


a) The manager, leader, technician, manager, entrepreneur and value investor.

b) You will learn the basic and universal 7 principles of thriving Business.

c) You will learn the true mind set of an Entrepreneur as a value creator.

Once the “Big Boss mentality” is implemented, the real heavy lifting in the acceptance to fix the business flaws through strategically developing a evolvable business operating system.

1. Developing a Distinct Business Plan Blueprint.

2. Business Road Mapping Blueprint (Specific to your business)

3. Developing a detailed Marketing Funnel Blueprint.

4. Developing clear sales Funnel Blueprint.

5. Developing a viable Revenue model Blueprint.

6. Charting Organizational positions & structures Blueprint.

7. Key Performance Indicators for each position Blueprint (Specific to your Business)

8. Hierarchical Delegation system (HDS) Blueprint.

9. Fixating on a Digital Marketing Plan Blueprint.

This is the phase where the Entrepreneur will truly become what he is and will understand his true journey.

1. Automation focuses on working on your business and strategically measuring / quantifying it.

2. It is the process of scaling up. According to the father of Management Peter Drucker, “Anything gets measured gets Managed”.

3. This is where you will learn how to carefully execute idea to execution.

4. You will learn. What is the software systems actually needed to really automate and reduce your work time?

  • Optimize and automate your entire business using Business Analytics and Business Intelligence methods.
  • Separate proven methods for handling and automating operations, productions, marketing, sales, HR, accounts and finance, research and development, customer fulfillment departments.

A definitive blue print will be given for all the interlinking systems in your business.


Frequently asked questions by Entrepreneurs?


a) My Business is very unique, how will the 12Bs workshop help me?

b) I am very experienced in my Business; will this 12Bs workshop help me?

The mechanics described here is universal for all business types of products / service industry. We have experimented and found success with the following industrial sectors. (Education, university, automobile, banking, Pharma, construction / real estate, textile / garments, retail / customer goods / home appliances, hotel / restaurant, Information Technology and Medical / hospital)

  • Unless you have a smooth operating machinery of business,
  • Unless you have no dysfunction in your business, unless you have no customer dissatisfaction no team dissatisfaction. You will definitely need the 12Bs workshop.
  • Think about the cost saved if there is no dysfunction in any of your business components.
  • Unless you have no problem in accounts department.
  • Get it right before the huge burning occurs Course Investment.


Cost of not implementing “Brand Building Blueprint” inside your Business:


1. Financial loss.

2. No documents no directives confusions.

3. No quantification.

4. No scope of growth/thriving.

5. No fulfillment for HR in the system.


Who is the mentor?

Dr. A. Azariah Samuel., B.Pharm, M.Tech. MBA., PGDFA., Ph.D., D.Litt., Founder & Director of Aristocrat group of companies is your mentor. He has nine years of expertise in products & service business arena. He has coached numerous entrepreneurs through the years for success. He now leads a team of 50 and has his corporate head office in following address #4, 2nd floor, Sri Durga Enclave, Natesan Avenue, OMR, Karapakkam, Chennai. 

Over the years he has accumulated numerous successes and a few failures through which he learned the inner workings of the business machinery. He is the author of the famous ‘12Bs workshop’ (‘Becoming the Big Boss’ Workshop - A ‘Brick By Brick’ ‘Brand Building Blueprint’ for ‘Business Busy Bees’), which is a proven blue print for business success and a gateway to build a business with little intervention from the business owners.

Regular Investment- Rs 9999/-

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