Book Online Tickets for 1200 Mics Chicago,Spikeme Mike  Many Mor, Pune. Karma Digital & 1LoungePresent1200Mics Chicago ,Spikeme MikeMental RushPsyLanguage,AjPsybaba and 1 Surprise Act-5pm-6th December-1Lounge,Pune1st Phase Of Tickets-700INRLast phase of Presale tickets available -900InrMain Act-DJ Chicago (David P Ch

1200 Mics Chicago,Spikeme Mike Many More-1 Last Trance Dance Experience-2015


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About The Event

Karma Digital & 1Lounge
1200Mics Chicago ,
Spikeme Mike
Mental Rush
AjPsybaba and 1 Surprise Act-5pm-6th December-1Lounge,Pune
1st Phase Of Tickets-700INR
Last phase of Presale tickets available -900Inr

Main Act-
DJ Chicago (David P Christman) is a veteran Goa/ Psy Trance DJ and a band member of 1200 Micrograms with Raja Ram, Riktam & Bansi (GMS).
1200 Micrograms (also known as 1200 Mics, or 1300 Mics) is a psychedelic trance act from Ibiza. The members are Riktam and Bansi from GMS, Raja Ram from Shpongle and trance artist Chicago.

Spikeme Mike
Spikememike is Dj & producer of melodic morning sounds that propels full on style in the genre of psy Trance music.

SpikemeMike has been an official artist with record labels like Zoo music , Universal dance rec , Womb rec , boundless rec

Starting his DJing career back in 1996 he's been in the spinning mode, his journey started from commercial sounds and residency's for clubs . and the year of 2004 started showcasing unique sound of Goa psy trance .. where it all begin... wile all this year's spikememike has been played almost 40 clubs all over India also he has debuted in Spain and played many clubs ... 

spikememike is been full power and has been playing music for various types of
Audiences and traveling the world.

Music link-
Has been in the psychedelic scene from 2009 as he was vry much influnced by the spirituality of this genre, the aim of the sets he plays is to enlighten ppl to their spritual side ... Trippy groovy basslines , hypnotic grooves, Dark Soundscapes, Forest sounds nd hard hitting leads is how u can explain Project Psybaba.. He has Shared the stage with famous international artists like KINDZADZA BOMBAX, LAB RATS . Fungus Funk PSYMMETRIX , SAMADHI , DIRTY SAFFI ,ELECTRIC UNIVERSE , HARMONIC REBEL , ISOCHRONIC , STRANGER , GLOSOLALIA , CRAZY BRAIN , NIKI ( MIGHTY QUINN RECS ) , SUNTRIBE, DJ NUKY & more. He has started producing his own sounds. Project psybaba also consist of dj sets (psychedelic , forest , darkpsy , hitech) 

Anand Chandrasekhar a.k.a Psylanguage.
Anand Chandrasekhar from pune , promoter of peace ,he started mixing in 2007 in genres such as full on uplifting trance n Prepare for Darkness. He has also played at other indoor and outdoor parties, giving the crowd one amazing cultivated performance. Anand spends a lot of time sorting and listening to music ad as such is able to provide a very fresh selection of music that promises to impact.
His main stream of psytrance was full on and full on night and high tech psytrance music and because of that he has chosen to specialize in funky, energetic full on night psytrance that is very adaptable.

Anand has been performing at 2 festivals in India such as Cosmic Creation festival in kasol and winter vortex music festival Goa in 2012; and a whole lot of epic indoor parties in and around Pune and Goa.
Genre: Psy-Trance / full on, full on night, forest, dark, hi-tech 

Hossein Khan A.K.A Mental Rush
He is an upcoming young talent based in pune. Focousing on the morning time psychedelic, varying from Goa style to Full on, he ensures his music to sound promising to the listeners, creating a vibe which resembles the old school goa trance.

Inspite of being into the scene for such a short time he has shared the stage with many renowned names such as Talamasca, Electric Universe, Jo Moontribe, S.T.U, Dirty Saffi, Nuky, Psymmetrix, Samadhi, Alta, Mad Scientist, Dj Note and a few more.


knapsacks be handed over to security for storage.

We reserve the right to refuse service/entry if we deem a guest’s behavior to be offensive in any way to other guests or staff members.

-Guests will be subject to security searches on entry.

-If a guest appears intoxicated, we reserve the right not to serve them alcoholic beverages and to escort them off the premises.



Please Use Dedicated Smoking Zone Inside The Club

-The club and its external areas are Drug Free Zones.

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