100 Minutes Challenge

100 Minutes Challenge


  • 100 Minutes Challenge (Early Bird Fees till 20th March)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 650
    Sold Out
  • 50 Minutes Challenge (Early Bird Fees till 20th March)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 500
    Sold Out
  • 100 Minutes Challenge (Fees from 21st March)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 750
    Sold Out
  • 50 Minutes Challenge (Fees from 21st March)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 600
    Sold Out

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About The Event

Race Format:

  • Date: 6th April
  • Start time: 6.30 am
  • Location: Soon to be disclosed.
  • Team: Team running event.

The team consists of 3 members who have to run as many kms as possible within the cut-off time.


Categories and Race Fees

  • 100 minutes challenge- Rs. 750/- per team

          Early bird fees till 21st March- Rs. 650/- per team

  • 50 minutes challenge- Rs. 600/- per team

          Early bird fees till 21st March- Rs. 500/- per team


Note: All 3 runners in both the categories run for the entire duration of 100 / 50 minutes. At the end of race the kms run by each runner will be totaled to get the team total.


Measuring the distance


  • The race track will be a loop of 4 or 5 kms. The runners will run in loops. On completion of each loop when a runner crosses the start point, he / she will get a token which should be kept safely until end of the race. Number of tokens held equals the number of loops completed. You lose a token, and you lose one loop distance.


  • Each runner HAS to end the run before the cut-off time (100 minutes or 50 minutes depending on the category you choose) at one of the check points. Check points will be located at every 500 mtrs mark along the loop.


  • As the race nears completion, each runner has to take a call at every 1 km mark, whether there is enough time to make it to the next km mark. If the runner is caught somewhere in between 2 marks then the kms completed in last unfinished loop will not be added to runners tally. He/she will only get kms corresponding to loops completed (tokens held).


Here is the twist, the penalties and the bonuses..


  • Each runner has to set a target distance he/she plans to run within the chosen time category. This has to be in kms. There will be a penalty in case the runner exceeds or falls short of this target.


  • You don’t need to postpone registering for the race to decide on your target. You can register and set or change the target 4 days prior to race day.


  • The exact race route details will be published after targets are frozen :) !! However, we will let you know the approximate location, the elevation etc which will help you set a target.


  • If any runner misses the target, then there will be a penalty of 0.25 kms for every 500 mtrs difference between target distance and actual run distance, irrespective of whether the runner has exceeded or fallen short of the target. These penalty kms will be deducted from the team total.


  • There are also some bonuses :). In the 100 minutes race, each female participant and a veteran runner over 45 years of age in the team will get 1.5 km bonus. These bonus kms will be added to the team total. The bonus kms will be half for the 50 minutes race. If you have a runner in the team who is both- a female and a veteran- then you get 2 kms bonus for 100 minutes race. For 50 minutes race, in the same case you get 1 kms!!!


  • If all 3 team members hit their target, the team gets a 0.5 km bonus. If all 3 miss the target, the team gets a penalty of 0.5 km. This is for both the categories!




Top 3 teams from the 100 minutes and 50 minutes race with highest totals will be awarded prizes.


Medals for all finishers and refreshments after the race!


Resolving Tie


In case of a tie in team total, it will be resolved by following the rules below in that order, and stop at the first rule that resolves the tie.


a. The team with highest team distance total before penalties wins

b. The team with highest individual runner distance before penalties wins.

c. The team with higher second highest runner distance wins.

d. The team with most runner target hits wins.

e. The team with most number of women and veteran members wins.


If still no resolution found, then the teams will be joint winners at that position.


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