10 Ways You Can Use Enterprise Architecture to gain efficiencies in your IT Planning - Webinar By EITAGlobal

10 Ways You Can Use Enterprise Architecture to gain efficiencies in your IT Planning - Webinar By EITAGlobal


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About The Event

Overview: The Enterprise Architecture process can be described actionable alignment of corporate goals and technology plans to realize those goals. One of the biggest complaints of implementation of Enterprise Architecture is that the benefits aren't measurable. One of the most common reasons to implement an EA is for the sake of efficiencies, and a quick win can be the time and cost savings in the annual IT planning cycle. 

This webinar will walk the attendee through some of the benefits and then an actual implementation model and plan for a cost and time efficient method to perform annual IT planning using the Enterprise Architecture process. It will cover the steps required by IT management to extend the EA Process into the IT planning process, estimating and budget planning. We will cover a case study and the methods for customizing this plan for your organization so that it may become a repeatable process and provide measurable savings in your organizations resources. 

Why should you attend: Each year, the CIO or Director of Information Technology is faced with coming up with their IT budget and plans for the upcoming year. It can be almost certain to say that new projects and needs have come up since the last cycle, and there are projects that remain uninitiated from the prior years. Corporate focus has likely changed, and personnel and resources are unlikely constant. Often organizations scramble when it's time to do that planning, and don't necessarily have a repeatable planning process in place. 

When the management team embark on their planning exercise, it is often time-consuming and resource intensive because must research and estimation has to take place and it becomes a bit of a chess game. What if your organization used Enterprise Architecture and its roadmap process to ensure that the right projects were on the books and the time to research and estimate were kept at a minimum. What if work done in prior years could be reused? What if your "guesstimates" could be more accurate and the team assembled would readily know their role and use a consistent process. Planning can often be made more efficient, and the Enterprise Architecture may hold the keys to gained efficiencies. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Learn the Components of the Enterprise Architecture Process and Activities as they pertain to the IT Planning Process.
  • Discover how the Enterprise Architect Process would approach the preparation for the IT Planning
  • Examine the various components of IT Planning as they pertain to the Enterprise Architecture Plan
  • Cover the steps and actions required to update and complete the plan
  • Determine steps and actions required to sequence and prioritize the prior, new and mandatory maintenance projects
  • Mine various ways of tracking information in the upcoming year to reduce the effort required at budget time and provide metrics
  • Learn a repeatable process that can be used to allow the organization to become more agile with changes arise that impact the plan

Who Will Benefit:

  • Enterprise Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Technology Architect
  • IT Management
  • CIO
  • Project Manager
  • Asset Management Manager


Speaker Profile: Sharon Evans

is an Enterprise Architecture Coach & Consultant. Her consulting and advisory work centers on improving strategic impact, creating value, and obtaining fast results by using architecture, strategies and frameworks in enterprises. Her mission is to see that people do not spend too much time in the mire and circumstance in their work, and remain focused on the big picture, and maintain their "Zoom Factor". Her career experience spans more than twenty-eight years in information technology as an architect coach, mentor, chief architect, analyst, strategist, and consultant. She has worked with more than one hundred companies in various industries and the public sector. In 2003, Ms. Evans created a system known as the Architect Boot Camp, and she has delivered her simplified methods through this architecture- and methodology-related training to architects on six continents. She is the author of "Zoom Factor for the Enterprise Architect: How to Focus and Accelerate Your Career".

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