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1 Day Workshop by Shradha Salla and Malti Bhojwani on Manifesting your Dreams


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About The Event

1 Day Workshop by Shradha Salla & Malti Bhojwani on Manifesting your Dreams

Featuring "I ♥ ME" by Shradha Salla - for the first time in Mumbai in a 1 Day Workshop together with Malti Bhojwani.

"I ♥ ME" is a Mindpower course designed by Shradha to help you RESTORE your long forgotten self belief enabling you to not only have the courage to dream your perfect life but also to channel the Laws of the Universe in order to ATTRACT positive outcomes.

This workshop has been expertly put together with Malti who will bring experiential exercises to the day to help you ANCHOR all your learnings so that you TOO can Start Living Your Dreams! 

In order to Manifest Your Dreams, you must first SEE clearly who you are and where you are. You must also go through the process of dusting off your personal Magnet, so that you can attract what you truly desire. 

This is like entering an address into your GPS or Navigating system, how can the Universe give you what you want when you don't really know what that is? This is the part where you will become clear on what you truly desire and want to start manifesting in your life.

Fear and Faith both require us to believe what we cannot see, when we spend our life in fear, we attract more to worry about and be fearful of, when we spend our lives in faith, it gives us the strength to believe in what is possible in our lives. This is the process where you will foster that deep conviction in yourself in order to realise your goals.

When a ball is thrown at you, your hands reach out to catch it! This is the last and most important part where you train your mind to expect what you desire without doubt and you send positive signals out to the Universe allowing you to check off more and more from your Dream List. 

Are you ready to Manifest the life your Dreams now?
Come and let's manifest together on the 26th of October and thereafter for the next 21 days? You will also receive a uniquely designed video to program these beliefs into your neuro-pathways over the next 21 days.

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