1 Best of COME presented by Ratatouille

1 Best of COME presented by Ratatouille


About The Event

1st Best of COME presented by Ratatouille,Comedy for comedy's sake.  An evening of comedy by the winners of COME 2016 performing their best material. This is one guaranteed evening full of laughter! COME and bring your friends along, 

Date: 28th December
Time: 8pm
Tickets: Rs. 200
Venue: Jeff Goldberg Studio (1st floor) 133 Gazebo House, Above mamagoto, Hill Road, Bandra (w)
Host: Jeeya Sethi
Piyush Sharma
Jasmeet Singh Bhatia
Ankit Bareja
Trupti Khamkar
Rueben Kaduskar
Kabir Chandra
Devanshi Shah
Shaurya Tyagi
Artists Info:
Jeeya Sethi:
Jeeya believes if you are fat once (by fat she means FAAAAT) you are fat forever, mentally you never become thin even after losing all the weight. An event manager turned stand-up comedian, improviser and actor, she has made entertainment her new life's mission since nothing else is going for her!
Piyush Sharma:
Piyush is a Civil Engineer B.Tech from IIT Bombay but then soon realised that the construction of a joke fascinated him more than the construction of a bridge. He has won numerous awards in the college circuit for his impeccable content and timing and is one of the most promising talents to have arrived on the comic scene . An IITian turned comic , people often ask him if he was also a Five Point Someone , to which he replies "No, I was much worse . In one semester I was Point Five Someone" He might be a Civil Engineer , but once he is on the stage , there is nothing civil nor engineering about him , as he spares no one.
Jasmeet Singh Bhatia:
The token sardar guy of TVF who explores the funny side of the sadness of being raised in a middle class and punjabi family.
Ankit Bareja:
Ankit Bareja is a stand up comedian and the winner of a COME Open Mic.
Trupti Khamkar:
Actor, comic and full-time single person Trupti Khamkar is a an established name in serious theatre and Marathi Television. But if you take life too seriously, you will never come out alive. Which is why after hit plays such as Piya Behrupiya that has played around the world and cult hits such as Fu Bai Fu, Trupti is stepping on to the stand-up stage. And she has already won every competition there is to win on the circuit. It gives her a much-needed break from the make-up and she can ham unapologetically. Trupti Khamkar ladies and gentlemen
Rueben Kaduskar:
Rueben Kaduskar is an ex bartender turned comedian. His humour covers observations, opinions, his stammering and the funny situations around it. Having also performed in UAE, his alter ego, Raju the Waiter covers a lot of his experiences in the hotel industry.
Kabir Chandra:
Sales head for one of the country's leading music labels, Kabir also has been a radio jockey in his past avatars and responsible for being and honing some of India's very best on-air talent. He has been a theatre artist since his teens and a college stage sensation having won multiple awards for street plays from a early age. He is now among the most emerging voices in stand up comedy in the city and a seasoned improvizer.
Devanshi Shah:
Devanshi Shah is an upcoming stand-up comedian.
Shaurya Tyagi:
Shaurya Tyagi is a stage actor and a freelance writer. Like the majority of the unambitious Indian population he too has an MBA degree, which may not promise him a job but would definitely get him a good marriage proposal.

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