This is Cyber Security Conference to be held in chennai on march 14,2015

0x90 International Cyber Security Summit 2015


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About The Event

0x90 International Cyber Security Summit is brough to you by CSPF. All the greatest hackers are going to speak in this event on web application hacking, mobile application hacking, wireless hackinig and offensive hacking technologies. 


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Current speakers:

Inaugural Talk –

The Inauguration of the 0x90 International Cyber Security Summit would be done by Former Central Vigilance Commissioner Mr. N. Vittal and Mr. M R Sivaraman.

Mr. N. Vittal, belonging to the Indian Administrative Service 1960 batch, is one of the eminent public servants of India, who has held important positions in the Government of India, most prominent of which was that of the Central Vigilance Commissioner.
He was also awarded the Padma Bhushan, India’s 3rd highest civilian award, in 2012.

Mr M R Sivaraman I.A.S(Retd) , Former Union Revenue Secretary & Former Executive Director IMF is also speaking in the Inaugural address.

The Inauguration of the 0x90 International Cyber Security Summit will also be addressed by
Mr. Gemini Ramamurthy ,Chairman of Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation.

Mr Vineet Menon,GM KGISL will be speaking on Enterprise security.

Mr Subrahmanya Gupta Boda CISO of GMR Group will be speaking on securing IOT (Internet of Things)

Anamika Singh Product Security Analyst at Ironwasp Information Security Solutions Private Ltd    

Anamika Singh is Product Security Analyst at Ironwasp Information Security Solutions Private Ltd. She has a keen interest in Application Security. After having 2 years of experience in companies like PayPal and Cognizant Technologies as a Software engineer, she left to pursue her interest in the Application Security domain. She started using Python to convert her security ideas to working tools. She is the author of WiHawk, the Wifi Router Vulnerability Scanner. She is an active member of null Chennai chapter. She was a speakers at nullcon, HITB/Haxpo Amsterdam Defcon Kerala 2014 and HITB/Haxpo Amsterdam. She was also invited to speak at Defcon Las Vegas, Bsides Vegas 2014.

Manish Tanwar –

Manish Tanwar is currently working as a Senior Security Researcher at AVS Labs, His field of interest is generally into PHP Shell Coding and AV Bypassing.
He is an expert at Bypassing WAF’s and is more into Web Application Security. In free time he loves to read books, listen to music and travel places.

Sabari Selvan –

Mr. Sabari Selvan is a Sr. Security Researcher with CSPF and AVS Labs. His core skills are in all areas of security both at web, network level. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the famous E-magazine “E HACKING NEWS” (one of India’s Leading IT Security Portal). He has an experience of more than 4 years in the field of Cyber Security. He has discovered security flaws in various high profile websites including Nokia, AT&T, Microsoft and most recently on Apple.

Suriya Prakash –

Mr. Suriya Prakash has been in the security field for more than three years. He has exposed and helped fix vulnerabilities in lots of high profile websites. He has done research into malware , particularly he predicted the raise of TOR based botnets and showed how they work before major antivirus vendors where even aware of them. He has found important privacy violation bugs on facebook and is on their hall of fame.

Jan Seidl ICS/SCADA Expert at BPC Plus    

A passionate technology-driven IT professional with more than 10 years of experience in the area, from which 7 years fully dedicated to ICS/SCADA security. I have run and participated in many Critical Infrastructure Protection projects in the biggest multinational and government companies from different industries sectors including: power generation and distribution; chemical plants; oil & gas; factories; mining and steel factories; automated buildings.

Extensive experience in solutions from top-notch vendors such as IBM, SIEMENS, Waterfall, Codenomicon, Tofino, Ruggedcom, DICA, Blue Coat, Checkpoint, Palo Alto Networks, Trend Micro, Modicon/Schneider Electric, Honeywell, ABB and others.

Himanshu Sharma –

Himanshu Sharma is a well known Hacker in the Indian Cyber Space, He is a Security contributor to Google, Facebook, Apple ,Microsoft , Sony, Samsung, Blackberry, AT&T , T-Mobile, Western Union etc. He is currently pursuing his Engineering (Information Technology).
He has also been mentioned in the television media couple of times for various new researches in the security field. He was also Interviewed and was featured in the Youth Incorporated (Magazine May 2012).

Lavakumar Kuppan –

Lavakumar Kuppan is an emminent personality in the Indian Security domain. He is the creator of the famous application security tool IRONWASP. He is the creator of many security tools which have been used across the globe. He has been a speaker in most of the National and International Security Conferences. He will be speaking on an Advanced Web Application Security topic.

Nikhil P Kulkarni –

Mr Nikhil.P.Kulkarni is currently working as Senior Security Researcher at Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation and also pursuing his Engineering at M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.He has presented his talks at various National/International Security Conferences. He has helped various companies such as DELL, AT&T, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Barracuda Networks, Engine Yard, etc. in improving their Application Security. He has been listed and acknowledged in various “HALL OF FAMES” of various companies including Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, etc.

Harsh Daftary –

Harsh Daftary is a well known hacker across the Internet. He is currently pursuing his Engineering at KJSIEIT, Mumbai.He is currently working as Senior Security Researcher at Cyber Security & Privacy Foudation. He is also working as a Security Architect at Trunkoz Technologies, He also is a Consultant for Verton AD Media Pvt Ltd.
He is also in the Organizing committee at The Hackers Conference. His main research area is Malware Analysis, Network Pentesting and Linux Ransomwares.

Atul Shedage Instructor & Developer at    

A serious tech nut, developer and a passionate security researcher. Mr. Atul Shedage currently hold a Bachelors of Computer Science Degree from Pune University – India, while the Master level program is underway these days. He is currently also working as the core course instructor and founder at Suruji.Com. He has nearly 4 years of experience in internet security, and has a series of endorsements and acknowledgements from popular companies, such as, but not limited to: Google(5 times) ,Twitter ,Facebook ,Etsy ,Redhat ,Apple ,Microsoft ,Github ,Gitlab ,Ifixit ,Ebay,Constantcontact,37Signal ,Nokia ,Tuneti ,Engineyard.

Swaroop Yermalkar Domain Consultant (Persistent Systems Ltd.)    

Swaroop Yermalkar works as Domain Consultant in the Security Practices group at Persistent Systems Ltd, India where he is responsible for security research and assessment of Web Applications, Network and Mobile Applications. He is Certified Wireless Security Expert, Linux Assembly Expert and also author of book ‘An Ethical Guide to WiFi Hacking and Security’. He also holds CEH, CHFI certifications and has spoken at various conferences like GroundZero, c0c0n, GNUnify etc. He has written articles for clubHACK magazine. He has organized many eminent programs and was the event head of Hackathon – a National Level Hacking Competition.​ He is also an active member of free and open source communities like null, meetup groups and conducted several talks and trained over 1000+ people in the field of information security. He is an active participant in various hacking conferences such as nullcon, clubhack etc.​


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