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Taiichi Ohno is known to have said that “having no problems is the biggest problem ofall.” He viewed problems not as a negative but as a “Kaizen opportunity in disguise.”Whenever problems arose, he encouraged his

(IITD) Presents 1 Full Day Interactive Workshop on Root Cause Analysis (RCA)


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About The Event


Taiichi Ohno is known to have said that “having no problems is the biggest problem of
all.” He viewed problems not as a negative but as a “Kaizen opportunity in disguise.”
Whenever problems arose, he encouraged his staff to investigate the problem at the
source and to ask „why‟ five times about every matter.
In a series of events, where people are involved, mistakes happen. Functional areas
such as software engineering, industrial engineering or more general areas such as
medicine, law, or sociology - these areas are composed by a series of events, involving
people, process, machines, environment, and other items.
Undoubtedly, mistakes will happen. What typically happens in response to mistakes is
that blame is thrown around, which builds resistance, then communication fails which
could lead to project failure. The better approach is to identify the root cause of mistakes
and attacking that, instead of what might be perceived as the cause: Perceived causes
are most likely symptoms and not the root cause, in which case the problem was never
really solved. This approach, more rigorous and long-lasting, to solving problems is
called Root Cause Analysis. A Root Cause is a process factor which directly defines the
reason for the problem when it is present and is having an influence on the process and
its output.
Root Causes need to be considered at four different levels viz.:
 Product level,
 Process of origin,
 Previous process factors and at system level.
Some of the techniques of Root Cause Analysis that shall be discussed are:
 Control Barrier Analysis,
 Change Analysis, Cause and Effect Diagrams,
 Five Whys,
 Fault Tree Analysis,
 Failure Mode Effect Analysis and
 Pareto diagrams.
 The workshop shall cover the following:
 What are problems
 How problems are communicated: CREI statement
 Types of problems and problem solving methods
 Process view of problems
 Isolating problems to their process of origin; establishing context for Root Cause
 Levels of Root Cause investigation
 Data collection/analysis tools to apply at each level of Root Cause investigation


 Confirming Root Causes before applying solutions
 Three possible solutions to each Root Cause
 Getting the most out of Root Cause Analysis investigations

Who should attend?
The workshop is meant for engineers/ managers from planning, manufacturing, quality
and service charged with the responsibility of both reactive and proactive problem
solving in their own functional areas as well as across functions, design and
development, sales and marketing.

IITD Expert Faculty: Mr. Shanti
The workshop has been conceived, structured and will be engaged by Mr. Shanti, an ex
Tata Motors senior executive who has conducted a number of successful programmes
both for Tata Motors engineers and managers as well as for its supply base and other
organisations. He is a certified Quality Engineer from RWTUV and a trained lead assessor
for QS9000.
He is also expert in topics such as SPC, Seven Basic Tools of Problem Solving, Variation
Control, Problem Solving Process, Quality Function Deployment, Design of Experiments,
Quality Circles, Economics of Quality, Six Sigma, Predictable Quality and FMEA, etc.
He has engaged programmmes on these topics, for Tata Motors, CII, IITD and a number
of other organizations.

 Types of Quality tools, RCA- Mr Pradip, Burckhardt Compression IPL
 Faculty‟s knowledge about the subject- Ms Vaibhavi, Fujifilm Sericol IPL
 Understood all the aspects of problem solving techniques- Mr. Dinesh, Vigel Mfg
Tech PL
 The presentation of the problem solving tools with examples- Mr. Abhimanua,
BLG Parekh PL.
 Current examples relating to RCA- Mr. Swapnil, Grupo Antolin IPL
 How to do why why analysis & drill down the problem- Mr. Ketan, BLG Parekh PL
 Very good training- Mr. Alok, Mercedez Benz IPL

Medium: English & Hindi


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