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Many companies today realize the importance of good work systems and organizedmanagement that leads to better management, decision making and qualityimprovement. At the same time, productivity is becoming more and more difficult toachiev

(IITD) Presents 1 Full Day Interactive Programme on Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST)


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About The Event


Many companies today realize the importance of good work systems and organized
management that leads to better management, decision making and quality
improvement. At the same time, productivity is becoming more and more difficult to
achieve and manage. The demands of the engineers and analysts are continuously rising
in view of the rapidly changing market places and competition world-wide. This has
made it imperative for organizations to upgrade and keep pace with progress.
With MOST training, the engineers and analysts will become more productive. They will
speed less on data collection and will be able to transform the work processes for
improvements in a much shorter time. In this way, cost improvements can be made at
an early stage rather than allowing costly processes to run without making efforts for

Maynard Operation Sequence Techniques (MOST) is a breakthrough work measurement
technique that allows a greater variety of work (both repetitive and non-repetitive) for
manufacturing, engineering to administrative service activities to be measured quickly
with ease and accuracy. This enable today’s engineers and analysts to expose wastes
and unproductive methods of work quickly and rectify problems at the workplace as they
arise at the design stage. A brief description of what MOST can do for your organization

includes: accurate work standard, capacity analysis and manpower planning, workplace
design and job activity analysis for re-organization and allocation for work balancing,
cost estimating for existing and new processes etc.


 Apply Predetermined time values to activities from memory or from a data card
according to the rules of Basic MOST® Work Measurement System
 Observe operator activities and write accurate method descriptions using the

Work Measurement System

 Analyze work on the basis of moving objects using the MOST® Work
Measurement System
 Identify Work Measurement activities in terms of the basic sequence models for
manual work: General Move, Controlled Move, Tool Use
 Develop methods and work standards in advance of production for capacity
planning, workplace layout, design and manning analysis.
 Enhance the capability of your management staff to measure work in production,
maintenance, engineering, assembly and service support activities such as
administration and clerical work

Expected Benefits to Client

The Client can expect the following benefits post the training program –
 Upper hand in Measurement time study or other predetermined motion time
 Identification of areas where there are opportunities for saving time, money and
 Workers working at 100% pace
 A measurement tool that is well accepted by employees, unions and management

Who Should Attend

Process Engineers/Production engineers/Lean leaders/Industrial engineers

The training is suitable for Industrial Engineers/Production team /Process engineers with
the following objectives

1-Awareness of MOST competitiveness over traditional stop watch time study
2-Ease of shop floor acceptance since it is quite easy to understand and implement.
3-Extremely useful during the process development stage to match the TACT time

M.O.S.T Training contents

 Concept of Work Measurement
 Need for Work measurement
 Method Study -Prerequisite to Work measurement
 Work Measurement techniques
 MOST V/s Stop Watch Time study
 Basic MOST introduction
 General Move sequence -Details
 Controlled Move sequence -Details
 Tool Use Sequence -Details
 Practice activity for MOST Sequence

Methodology - Interactive session with case studies

About The Program Facilitator:
Highly experienced faculty from Indian Institute of Training & Development will conduct
this training. The training sessions will provide participants an opportunity to discuss
specific problems with the expert faculty.

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