Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy Workshop


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Art Therapy Workshop

On 28th January 2012 from 5:00 Pm. At - Kalawardhan Academy of Performing Arts Near Jain Mandir, Agrawal Colony, Jabalpur .

We will introduce the professional context of Art Therapy and its development. We will explain the basic concepts of Art Therapy and present case studies from our clinical work in psychiatry and with children. We will also give an overview of the various pathways available to train in Art Therapy and there will be a 'surgery' time at the end of the day to meet individually with one of the conveners to discuss your personal needs. The workshops will include lectures, small group discussions and case presentations. You are cordially invited to join the workshop.

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Dr.Bhaskar Khandekar

Director- Kalawardhan Academy of Performing Arts,

Near Jain Mandir, Agrawal Colony, Jabalpur

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