Winter Workshop in Jayanagar

Winter Workshop in Jayanagar


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About The Event

Christmas camp

The best of all gifts around a Christmas Tree,

The presence of Knowledge and prosperity all wrapped up together in a box with a Title- Winter Christmas Camp by ScienceUtsav.

ScienceUtsav brings to you a unique and exciting event that will get your kids off the couches and off the TV this winter, encourage your kids to explore science- the fun way, highlight the value of connecting kids to the practical world.

Hurry Now! And grab your box of joy and knowledge at Jayanagar, ScienceUtsav.

Dates: December 25th to December 29th

Timings: Batch 1: 10.00 am to 12.30 pm  | Batch 2: 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Age Group: 5-14 years

Entry Fee: Rs 3000/- per participant

Gifts we offer-

A. Kiddo Santa’s Scientist (Age group: 5 to 6 years)

LED Christmas Card

Make your own LED Card using simple electronic components and an LED. Learn about wonderful world of electronic circuit.


Understand what light is made up of and how tiny photons can be made to dance

Doctor!! Doctor!!

Doctor!! Doctor!! Build your own stethoscope and understand the science around it. Also play Food card game to learn how nutrients help us grow, protect and live.

Santa’s Craft

Science and Art give learning a different dimension. Have fun time with Christmas crafting.

Missile Launcher

Build a science toy to understand the science of flying objects and ocean of air around us.

B. Juniors Santa’s Scientist (Age group: 7 to 9 years)

Glowing Christmas Card

Make your own Christmas card and learn how electrons travel in a wire when connected to a battery – learn this using Role Play while performing the act.

Mysterious Box

Participants build special gift box using magnetic switch. Participants also are introduced to magnets and their use in day to day life.

Magic Crystals

Learn how salts make beautiful crystals. Santa’s craft Fun time with Christmas crafting. Learn how Art and Science are important in STEAM education.

Vibrating Snow Man

Build your own scientific toy and conclude the workshop with quizzes and lots of fun.

C. Senior Santa’s Scientist (Age group: 10 to 14 years)

Pull to Greet

Create your own interactive greeting card which lights up the LED when a strip is pulled and Learn the concept of electricity using simple role plays and activities.

Musical Gift box

Use REED Switch, Transistor and other electronic components to build a musical gift Box. Also learn about application of magnetism in day to day life.

Christmas chemistry

Fun experiment with Chemicals. Have fun while playing with safe chemicals.

Attention Seeker

Participants use electronic components to build LED Light which turns on when pulled down with the given instructions.

Dancing Santa

Build a dancing Santa and learn the laws of inertia


ScUt Jayanagar

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#42, 1st floor, Puttadas Complex, 7th Block, Jayanagar (W), Kanakpura Main Road, Bangalore - 560082


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