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About The Event

Find below the Contents of the two day Program.

Total number of training hour : 24.

1. The financial environment around us:

- Stocks, Commodities, Debt

- Mutual Funds, SIP

- Broking houses and deals

2. Macro economics:

-  GDP
- Inflation
- Monetary Policy
- Fiscal Policy
- Yield curves
- Instruments of RBI: Repo Rates, Reverse Repo rates, CRR and Interest rates....their effect on Demand supply in the economy.

3. Fundamental Analysis:

-   Origins and Legends
-   Price Vs Value
-   Concept of Intrinsic value
-   Book Value
-   PE ratio
-   Earning power Value
-   Price to book value and other ratios
-   Valuation models
-   Cash per Share
-   How fundamentals vary with different industries
-  How to identify an undervalued stock
-  Entry point and terminal Value

4. Trading instruments

- Equities
- Futures
- Options
- How to use Open Interest in futures
- How to use Open Interest in Options to judge market moods.

5. Technical Analysis:

-  Origins and legends
-  Classical Charting patterns
-  Computerized tools
-  Trends Vs Swings
-  Swing trading vs. Positional Trading
- How to Identify and trade trends
- How to Identify and trade range bound markets
- How to handle sideways markets
- What is a choppy market and how to see it coming? What to do?
- Preparing for a trading day
- Global markets and their ripple effects
- Stock operators and their manipulations
- Which script is right for you? How to steer clear of the sharks?
- Indicators
Trend following Indicators...
a) Moving Averages
b) Support and Resistances levels
c) Directional movement Index
The Oscillators
a) Relative strength Index
b) Stochastic oscillator
c) Bull power Bear power
d) Force Index

- Triple Screen trading system
- Triple Momentum trading system
-  The Elliot Wave theory
- How to place stop loss?
- The safe zone stops loss method
- Risk Management
- Money management
- Mental fitness for traders and the trading psychology

7. Putting it all together:

- Using fundamental and Technical analysis together
- Trading to make money Vs Trading to build wealth
- How to build serious wealth over a 10 year period?
- Pure Equity method to wealth building.
- Equity + Futures method to wealth building
- Hedging: what it means and how to effectively use it in your favor?

8. Knowledge and Skills

-  Suggested Books and further readings.
-  Trading software’s and Data feeds.

It will give full access to Trading in Indian as well as Foreign Stock Markets.  After Our Work shop We will be guiding you for 6 months and we are commited for making you a trader and creating wealth for life long.

PS: We are looking serious people who wanted to make a living from stock market trading. If you have any quiries pls email on or call on 9035503000

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